Is Barrett's Esophagus The Grim Reaper For Esophageal Cancer?

Barrett’s esophagus, also known as Barrett esophagus, can result from chronic, repeated back up of stomach acid and contents (also known as acid reflux) into the esophagus. As this process continues over time, the esophageal tissues are repeatedly injured.

The body has a wonderful coping mechanism when injured: It attempts to heal injuries with new cell production and the formation of scar tissue. But what happens when injuries occur over and over again for days, months, or years? Even the body, with its marvelous healing powers, has its limits; and in the case of Barrett esophagus, the cells in the esophagus change from normal to abnormal.

When the cells of the esophagus do mutate (a process called metaplasia) they become more like those found in the stomach in order to cope with the constant barrage of stomach contents and acid. Anywhere from 9-15% of those who suffer chronic acid reflux will undergo this cellular submission and conversion.

The irony behind this change is that acid reflux sufferers may actually feel some relief from their painful symptoms and may mistakenly think there is some improvement in the condition. The result? People who do not have pain from acid reflux or who have less of it are unlikely to seek medical attention, erroneously thinking their condition is improving.

As the damage to the esophageal tissues continues unchecked, the cellular mutation also advances to a new phase. The less healthy metaplastic cells develop into dysplastic cells, a precancerous condition which occurs silently. For a person who already has Barrett’s esophagus, the chance of getting esophageal cancer is 30-100 times higher than that of the person without acid reflux. The significance of this statistic should not be lost on anyone.

More sobering is this statistic: Esophageal cancer, as well as stomach cancer, is among the deadliest of all gastrointestinal malignancies, with a mortality rate exceeding 80% after five years. Perhaps that is due to a later diagnosis, which means a poorer prognosis.

However, there is hope. New technologies are being developed for early detection of esophageal cancer. Scientists are in the process of studying markers in the blood of those who have Barrett esophagus and comparing them to the markers in the blood of those who do not have this condition. Also, new treatment options are being pursued to extend life without detracting from the quality of life.

Patient education, as well as early detection and effective intervention, is the key in the fight to reduce the mortality rate of esophageal cancer. Further study of Barrett’s esophagus is likely to yield the answers that will make this a reality.

BreastCare101 – Info On Breast Cancer Events In Atlanta

Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts. Breast cancer can occur in both men and women, but it’s far more common in women.

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the United States. But breast cancer rates have fallen in recent years, though doctors aren’t certain why. Still, for many women, breast cancer is the disease they fear most.

As October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would like to share a few of our ideas on how to get involved in helping support the effort to end this disease that affects so many women (and some men too!).

1. Get signed up for the BreasText program sponsored by Best Self Atlanta, Piedmont Hospital and 97.1 The River. Each month you will receive a FREE text reminding you that it’s time to do your selfexam. So simple and easy and it could save a life! Head to for more information.

2.Purchase a GROHE Ladylux faucet or pink faced Rainshower Icon and $ 25 of each purchase will go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, where $ 25 pays for 30 minutes of research time. Visit for details.

3. OKA b., a leading manufacturer of eco friendly, recyclable footwear, will donate one pair of their top selling Madison Slide shoe to breast cancer patients currently undergoing treatment for each pair of shoes sold on their website during the entire month of October. Purchase a pair online at

4. Sign up for a boot camp session at BTB CrossFit and BootCamp during the month of October for their BootCamp for a Cure initiative and a large portion of proceeds will go towards Camp Sunshine, a camp for children battling cancer. Check out for more information and to sign up.

5.Hit the streets Oct. 2 3 for the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer.The money raised during this walk stays local and benefits Atlanta based programs, treatment centers and research. Visit at

6.The Sport of Giving is a national nonprofit foundation supporting community focused women’s cancer care and prevention.The foundation hosts creative fundraising sporting (and non sporting) events raising more than $ 1 .2 million for Atlanta area hospitals to date. The organization’s event kits are also available to help volunteers organize and host cancer fundraising events in their areas. Visit

7. Savannah, GA – Brides Against Breast Cancer – Power Hours. Saturday, Nov 6 10:00am. At Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion, Atlanta, GA. Age Suitability: None Specified. Getting Married? Join us for a unique opportunity to find the gown of your dreams at a remarkable price, while helping make wishes and memory-making events come true. Attend our Power Hours and be among the first brides in the Savannah area to browse through hundreds of exquisite name brand and designer wedding gowns at the fraction of the price. Your Power Hour admission entitles you to an early shopping spree where you can try on and purchase your dress ahead of the crowds. Saturday, November 6, 10 a.m. – Noon. $ 20 Admission per Attendee.

STOP Mesothelioma Cancer Now – Find Out How Here

While there are many types of cancer that are more well known than Mesothelioma Cancer, there are not too many of them that are as deadly. Almost everybody has heard of breast, lung, or liver cancer, but how many have heard of this vicious killer that could be stopped dead in its tracks if there was only more publicity about this repugnant disease.

That is correct, you did read that right the first time; Mesothelioma Cancer can be prevented in almost 100% of the cases. You are probably thinking to yourself, just like the number of lung cancer patients would drastically drop if everybody stopped smoking. If that is what you were thinking, you would be wrong.

People that smoke choose to do it, despite being fully aware of the potential health risk that this habit could someday lead to. In addition, in some odd and unexplainable way, they also receive various benefits, or a sense of enjoyment from it.

The patients that have come down with Mesothelioma Cancer never accepted the risk of someday getting it by doing something that they knew was dangerous. In fact, the exact opposite is true, and if they had only known what they were doing could someday kill them, they would have never done it.

Most Mesothelioma Cancer patients at one time in their lives came in contact with a material called, “Asbestos”. If you are under thirty years of age, there is a very good chance you have never even heard the word before. But, for the people that are a bit older, it was a well known “State of the Art” type of substance.

It was heavily promoted and utilized to manufacture a great deal of products when it was first introduced because it was inexpensive to make, an brilliant insulator, and a outstanding fire retardant. Thankfully, today it is outlawed in most of the countries in the world.

However, just because it cannot be manufactured or used to make products anymore, does not mean it is still not all around us. Asbestos was widely used as a construction material to build apartments, warehouses, and even homes.

If you, a family member, or a friend either lives or works in an old building, there is a very good chance that asbestos is still present. In fact, if that structure was built at the height of its popularity, you can almost be positive that it is there. That is unless the building was totally renovated, and it was removed by a team of specialist.

If you are not sure if that was done to a building that you care about, you can contact your local building inspector, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and request that an inspection of the substance be done.

In most cases, there will not be any fees for these types of governmental services. In order to eradicate, or vastly reduce the number of patients that contract Mesothelioma Cancer, all old building should be inspected, and if asbestos is discovered, it needs to be removed immediately.

Smoking in Female

Now female know very well that smoking is harmful but many women still smoke. If smoking has long been associated with some form of good personality, we now know that it is far from glamorous! Although it is not new to say that smoking can have disastrous consequences on health, there are still some myths that important to demolish.

Myths and Statistics

Lung cancer and breast – It will not surprise anyone here saying that smoking is responsible for 85% of lung cancers. Although this type of cancer is subject to less publicity than breast cancer among the female population, it is still responsible for twice as many deaths. However, smoking is not only responsible for the lung cancer. Its use increases significantly the risk of cancer is linked to about 30% of all cancer deaths. It is estimated that such is a risk factor for cancers of the bladder, ovarian, cervical and colorectal cancers.

Better late than never – Some say that even continuing to smoke for a few years, it will still be time to save their health. It’s not completely wrong, but you stop smoking, the better your health will benefit. As the years pass, and the benefits associated with quitting smoking is increasing. The early years of abstinence, an ex-smoker sees his chances of getting cancer of the uterus decrease significantly. After five years without smoking, it is the risk of getting other cancers (mouth, throat, esophagus) which have halved! And after 10 years, pre-cancerous cells of the old smoking are replaced by healthy cells, and risk of developing lung cancer is similar to that of someone who never smoked in his life! The more you stop, the sooner you can enjoy your life without tobacco. This is why you should never put off till tomorrow the good resolutions and say wait a year or two is not so bad.

Secondhand smoke – Secondhand smoke is also very harmful. If you have a spouse or children who live with you, try to smoke outside because it is not less than 4000 chemicals that you do them breathe. The side effects do not stop there: your children will mimic the actions you have a direct impact on their behavior and lifestyle. In Quebec, nearly a quarter of smokers between 15 and 24 years and the increase in smoking among young people is increasing in recent years, especially among 20-24. A recent study by a group of researchers from more serious has shown that about one in four show signs of addiction to tobacco after as little as ten weeks!

If you are pregnant, do not forget that you’re not just eating for two, you also smoke for two. Smoking during pregnancy may increase the risk of cancer in children and also jeopardizes the long-term health of this being to be born. Besides cancer, smoking has an effect on the baby’s weight at birth may be less, and it can slow the cognitive and physiological development of the child.


Quitting smoking is not easy. All chemicals found in cigarettes, nicotine in particular, cause a real physical and psychological dependence. So stop means he will face a withdrawal in the coming weeks.

Even if you have not quit, condition yourself mentally to be a former smoker. Speak as if you had already stopped, so other than yourself. The important thing is to put in a mental disposition that will allow you to better manage difficult times once crushed cigarettes for good.

We can also help with several products are sold in pharmacies, but before you use them, always consult your doctor or pharmacist. In any case, listen up and go at your own pace. It’s not everyone who comes to quit at once, it may go slowly. To do this, start by delaying the time of your first cigarette and try to outrun the following during the day.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Perhaps you happen to relapse or smoking more than usual on a day of great stress. These behaviors are all that are more natural and it is useless to punish or abandon. Instead, realistic goals will help motivate you while setting the bar too high, too fast could make you abandon your resolutions quickly.

Fear of gaining weight when stopping is often a reason that delays the thing. While many people will take five to ten pounds, it is also true that most will lose this slight overweight in the medium term. Quitting smoking is synonymous to get fit and therefore more active and energetic, both essential to maintaining a healthy weight. Moreover, you say that most ex-smokers are much happier with their lives smoke-free as a few pounds gained.

Smoking is the largest preventable cause of cancer in the world and is responsible so many deaths in the world. In light of all that has been said here, there is no doubt that quitting smoking for good is by far the best way to ensure a long and healthy life.

Contipation Remedies That Work…Naturally

A lot of constipation remedies have become popular because of chronic constipation. This is a condition endured by numerous people who do not experience routine or frequent bowel movements. Those who have ongoing constipation deal with symptoms that include abdominal bloating, intestinal pain, skin troubles, nausea, headaches and sluggishness. Constipation symptoms might also include rare bowel movements, hard stools, or strain during bowel movements.

Dr. Linda Berry is a a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, and she summarizes the symptoms of self-poisoning in the following manner, “If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing autointoxication (a process whereby you are poisoned by substances produced by your own body as a result of inadequate digestion and elimination), and therefore you might want to consider some type of internal cleansing program.Common symptoms resulting from accumulated toxins in the bowel can result in the following conditions:

Depression, Allergy Symptoms, Frequent headaches, Bad Breath , PMS, Fatigue, Ulcerative Colitis and colon cancer, Insomnia, Irritability, Frequent Gas and Bloating , Frequent and/or alternating bouts with constipation and diarrhea , Frequent Infections , Excess weight, Impaired digestion Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Parasite infestation , Hemorrhoids , Frequent colds and a Protruding belly.


The cause of the condition can be attributed to chronic dehydration, chronic stress, certain medications, unhealthy diet, lack of fiber, lack of physical exercise, dehydration and particular sicknesses. Astonishingly, autopsies “oftentimes disclose colons that are plugged up to 80 percent with waste material” revealed Vegetarian Times, March, 1998. The outcome of this is the toxic state of the entire organization, and the ending consequence is disease and at length death.

Constipation Remedies

Dealing with the irritating side effects of constipation typically necessitates a aggregated plan of attack which normally includes one of several constipation remedies. Constipation remedies are commonly categorized as hydrating, bulk-forming, lubricant, emollient, osmotic, or stimulant.

Constipation remedies can range from “recipes” concocted at home, many of which have been used for centuries, to the more contemporary chemical laxatives. Natural and non-invasive constipation remedies can be very useful, when used correctly and contingent on your plan of attack. Case in point…among the most effective home constipation remedies is flax seed.

Blended with apple cider vinegar, flaxseed is one of numerous natural constipation remedies. The reason it is so useful is because it utilizes essential fatty acids that help lubricate the bowels and establish proper bowel function.

An ideal constipation remedy consists of boiling two cups of water with two tablespoons of flaxseed for ten-fifteen minutes. Once you strain the flaxseed from the boiled mixture, you have a jellylike substance, which should be eaten on an empty stomach.

A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar can be added to intensify the remedy’s effectuality. This mixture can be ingested on a daily basis until systematized bowel movements are experienced.

A different alternative is to eat three or four tablespoonfuls of ground flaxseed each day by blending it into a smoothie, putting it on salads or adding it to other dishes.

There are also several herbs that work exceptionally well as constipation remedies to clean the bowel, but also to feed and reconstruct it, as well as other organs such as the gallbladder; specified herbs include casagrada sagrada, senna, and rhubarb amongst others.

There are many very effective constipation remedies and we’d do well to avail ourselves of the same. The old adage is true, and we should take it seriously”Death Begins in the Colon”.

Safe Women Health Care – GenericPharmacyPills

Women Health Care is the today important part in the healthcare industry; it is major related to concern diagnosis or treatment and further its prevention and about the cure of women body disorders. It may range from brain or physically fitness or any type of other disability comes into the women. Women Health Care is the most important latest subject in all over the world. Several women’s health medicine is available into the market. Some of the best selling supplements and weight loss medicines are easily available for the women. We all know that most of the women are working and they are getting so tired that do not need to give importance to their own sexual life. So as per the time there interest are goes down and cause of the erectile dysfunction issues raises. Buy Ladygra 100mg acts as the female viagra helps to overcome the issue. It gives you enough time with energy on the bed to get complete pleasure of your life for atleast 4-5 hours. Buy Ladygra 100mg Tablets from GenericPharmacyPills provides you the best high quality Ladygra 100mg Female Viagra at your doorsteps.

Women is always considered as a working machine in any work field from every morning to night without taking zero minutes rest, It may be our sisters, mom, wife and can be daughters. Entire house is dependent on the women. Each senior, junior and young ones needs their personal home care treatment from their very nearest one. Women face different problems like menopause, pregnancy, ovarian, or cervical cancer, and many more other issues. Osteoporosis and Breast cancer are also considered as the major issues they are also concern to men. Heart problem is also the common problem finds in men and women both, depression, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, pregnancy issues are the common and it takes the regular and requires the long time treatment. Joint pain and hair fall and skin care also are the issues that face women in daily life.

Women Health care totally depends on healthy habits and the good food. Women should be on regular exercise, proper stress management and healthy food diet with extra proteins. Maintain her body weight and related BMI concerned. Ideal BP for women is always less than 120/80 mmHg and ideal cholesterol level should below 200mg/dL. Low ovulation is also the cause seen into the women. Clomiphene 50mg Tablets comes to help to stimulate ovulation in each month and only made for the women.
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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Currently, the month of October is designated as the official National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). For over two decades, NBCAM has successfully educated women of all ages about early detection, treatment, and diagnosis of breast cancer. Non-profit organizations such as Karmanos Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation are devoted to raising money for breast cancer research and educating women (and men) about the disease, supporting those with breast cancer, and celebrating the individuals who have survived it.

The Breast Cancer Loop is another very popular piece of awareness jewelry. The great thing about this product is its versatility. It can be used as a purse or briefcase charm as well as an ornament for the car, diaper bag or even Christmas tree. Featuring handsome pink and clear Swarovski crystals and a Bali silver awareness ribbon, this tiny bracelet is as practical as it is beautiful.

You will still find, however, the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet to be the most popular. Featuring sterling silver, pink Swarovski crystals and delicate pearls, bracelets are ideal for the individual who wants to keep the cause close to her heart. Many bracelets include ribbon charms in silver, pink or crystals.

Breast cancer awareness is not limited to woman only. Men are encouraged to support the cause as well. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Even the most masculine man should rethink wearing pink when it comes to supporting a great cause.

Although, October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, supporting the cause can be a year-round commitment. Those who are unaffected by breast cancer should help join the fight against breast cancer for their loved ones. Whether you decide to participate in an American Cancer Society sponsored walk, donate money to breast cancer charities, or invest in business gifts that help support breast cancer research, you will certainly contribute to saving someone’s life.

Radon Awareness Week is Oct. 2010 to Prevent Lung Cancer

“National Radon Action Week 2010 begins October 17th. This is a great opportunity to find out if your family is at risk from America’s leading in-home killer,” states Jamey Gelina of Air Quality Control Agency Inc.

The World Health Organization and EPA have identified Radon Gas as the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. To address this epidemic, National Radon Awareness Week has been announced for the week of: October 17th – October 24th, 2010.

Local, state, and National health agencies are urging homeowners to take action against this growing health concern. Radon is a problem in nearly 20% of the homes in many areas of the United States and claimed the lives of approximately 20,000 Americans in 2009.

By participating in National Radon Awareness Week, you can help reduce the number of Radon-induced fatalities this year. Radon testing is easy, inexpensive, and saves lives! When dangerous radon levels are detected, action can be taken to fix the problem. Learn more about National Radon Awareness Week 2010 at

Jamey Gelina, President of America’s largest radon remediation, testing, abatement, and mitigation company encourages all home owners to test for radon gas. October 17-24 is Radon Awareness Week in the U.S.

Air Quality Control Agency is helping home owners all over the United States protect their families from lung cancer by installing high-quality, affordable Radon Mitigation Systems Radon Mitigation Systems.

Fight Obesity With Healthy Asian Recipes

There’s no doubt that obesity is an escalating trend in the United States. Nowadays it is quite common even though very alarming to see obese children. The reality that more and more people are following unhealthy diets and don’t exercise is a serious contributor to obesity. Instead of participating in activities at the playground or taking part in sports like basketball or football kids these days spend their free time sitting in front of the television or the computer or playing games on their PS3 or other game consoles. To add to this their diets most likely is made up of sodas, burgers, chips, cookies, ice cream and a host of other high calorie and unhealthy foods. It’s no wonder that they end up sick at an early age and seldom live past 50.

A high calorie diet and not enough or no exercise is the primary reason for obesity. With knowledge and willpower this harmful condition could be avoided. There are many health risks linked to obesity and this is the major reason that it should be avoided. Some of the risks include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, and cancer. It is important to decide today to start eating healthy and incorporating an exercise program to your routine. If you have an overweight or obese child the most effective approach is to start your whole family on a healthy diet and find a way to get the entire family involved in an activity that encourages movement of the body or an exercise routine that involves working out at least three times per week.

The Asian diet is a diet that has become popular at present. People who are trying to find an effective diet program discovers the Asian diet, realizes it works, and they inform their family and friends about it. Through word of mouth, a lot of people have discovered the health advantages one could get by eating healthy Asian recipes daily, and practicing Asian Fitness and Exercise. Yet another way that people continue to discover the Asian diet is through the internet. Several websites have been created to advise the public about the stated diet and its advantages. A more complete source of information about the diet can be located on e-books as well.

One website online that I have confirmed to be accurate is Dina’s Asian Diet, Nutrition and Fitness blog. Unlike other websites I came across, the information that can be viewed on the blog was from an individual born and raised in the Asian region. You can learn on her blog a great deal about the Asian diet, wholesome and tasty Asian recipes, plus some Asian health tips. It had been on the said blog where I discovered the health benefits of bee products like honey and bee propolis.

The Asian diet is a good weapon to prevent obesity. The current increase on the numbers of overweight people is a big concern that should be managed. Protect your family by encouraging them to do physical activities and eat healthier. Change must begin in the home first.

Consult a dentist before an oral surgery in kolkata

If you are suffering from the pain in the neck, face and the jaw region, it is always advisable to consult an oral surgeon in Kolkata. Nowadays oral surgery in kolkata has become quite popular as it is a surgery to treat the diseases of the neck face and the oral region. It is an internationally recognized surgery which has brought a smile to many faces. In most countries around the world, oral surgery is a recognized specialty of dentistry. The surgery involves the diagnosis, surgery and adjunctive treatment of the diseases, injuries and defects involving both functional and the aesthetic aspects of the facial region.

The oral surgeon has a dual degree in dentistry and medicine and the oral surgery is seen as a bridge between the two. The expert treats the head and the neck cancer, salivary region treatment, facial disproportion and also cysts and tumours of the jaw region. Sometimes due to the swollenness in these areas the patient suffers from allergy rashes. The patient develops rashes and small implants in these areas. Consult an oral surgeon immediately for an allergy treatment in kolkata. He will give the prescribed medicines which will help to cure the rashes.Take the prescribed medicines regularly. Do not eat those food items which may cause allergy in the facial region. One of the most commonly used instruments for oral surgery is the surgical forceps.

I There are various treatments for the oral surgery in Kolkata:

.1.Dentoalveolar surgery- It is a surgery for teeth extractions, bone implant and also preprosthetic surgery to provide better anatomy for the placement of implants, dentures, or other dental prostheses.

2. Diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant pathology, cysts, tumors etc.

3.Diagnosis and treatment of congenital craniofacial malformations such as cleft lip and palate and cranial vault malformations such as craniosynostosis.

4.Cosmetic surgery is restricted to the head and the neck region.

Sometimes the patients develop strong allergy due to the medications for the steroid nasal sprays. The drugs reduce the inflammation in the nasal passages thereby reliving the nasal symptoms. But if any patient is allergic to any of the nasal drugs he or she must refrain from using them. But if the patient develops a strong allergy from any of the drugs, consult with a doctor for an allergy treatment in Kolkata. An immunologist will guide you accordingly. He will obtain a thorough medical history, examine you and then check out the symptoms. Skin tests may be needed to find out what kind of allergic disease. After the entire medical tests are performed, the immunologist will go for a diagnosis.

We all are aware of the famous proverb that prevention is better than cure. Thpigh prevention comes first, but there is more to it. Medications are provided to reduce the effect of the allergy and heat rashes and also improve the quality of life. If the patient has an allergy to a particular food item or a pet in the house, it is better to avoid those. Some causes of allergic symptoms, such as pollen, molds and dust mites, cannot be completely eliminated and are difficult to avoid. Exposure can be reduced, however, by environmental control measures prescribed by your allergist.