Applied Science for Health

Actions        Applied Science for Health provides consultation services to accomplish specific tasks in

  • Needs assessment
  • Program development and evaluation
  • Curriculum development
  • Training and education

  Challenges Applied Science for Health specializes in performing these tasks in challenging public health care areas such as

  • Substance abuse
  • Medication access, utilization, and adherence
  • Stigma, disclosure, and family support associated with disease
  • Pharmacy and public health care delivery systems

  Populations Applied Science for Health works with diverse populations and health care organizations

  • Domestic, international, and disenfranchised populations
  • Governmental, nongovernmental, and community-based organizations

  Personnel Dr. Maria Eng
Dr. Maria Eng, Principal, is a behavioral epidemiologist and public health researcher with extensive field experience conducting large-scale HIV/AIDS program planning, implementation,

and evaluation. She has designed and conducted theory-based research, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. She has worked in the United States and sub-Saharan Africa, particularly among injection drug users, vulnerable children, and Muslim women.
    Dr. Eng earned her DrPH degree in International Health and her MPH degree from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Eng holds active adjunct academic appointments at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, both located in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to her public health career, Dr. Eng was a practicing clinical pharmacist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for 10 years after earning her BS degree in Pharmacy from Rutgers University.
  Contact Us Applied Science for Health is based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA. For more information, please contact

by email at

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How you can teach children about the health В» My Kids Health

The overweight rate and the fad kids in United States of America has approximately tripled in previous round about thirty years, the unhealthy behaviors associated to the tobacco and alcohol usage are rising. In order to protect the kids, this is necessary to utilize the preventive actions by teaching the kids health attentiveness at the young age and encouraging the kids to develop the healthy habits. You must encourage the discussion about significance of the health with the kids. You must describe relationship between personal health and the healthy behavior. Introduce mental, psychological, and physical issues of health using the very simple language so that the kid will know. You must explain the significance of brushing the teeth, for instance, and how performing so adds to the well being and overall health. You must teach the kid basics of the health like the pyramid of the food and difference between unhealthy and healthy foods.

Libidron В» Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Guidelines

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The reference data that these percentiles are based on is 1963-1994, and therefore not affected by the recent increases in rates of obesity.
With 2007 revenues of Rs rupees 41.989 million in sales, Ranbaxy is the largest pharmaceutical company in India.
Aurobindo Pharma staff came to Rs 2, Rs 080.19 million in revenue in the sixth largest pharmaceutical company in India.
Cipla to Rs 3763.72 crore on a turnover of pursuing Dr. Reddy 3rd place as a pharmaceuticals company in India.
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories also made the turnover of Rs 4, Rs Rs 162 250 000 or 416220000, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is the second largest pharmaceutical company in India.
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GSK is the seventh largest pharmaceutical company, with a total turnover of Rs 1, RS 773.41 million from Rs 17.734 billion
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Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates homes with the help of the owners of the house, the work of selected volunteers, management expertise and tax-deductible donations of money and materials.
Indian Pharma sector is performing well and contribute to the good of the Indian GDP. Even during the recession, but also, this sector has not been done.
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories also made the turnover of Rs 4, Rs Rs 162 250 000 or 41622000000, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is the second largest pharmaceutical company in India.
Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute showed that disruption of the interaction between SMRT and molecular partners of nuclear hormone receptors leads to adiposity increase and decrease the metabolic rate.
Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, additional terms may apply. See Terms of Use for details.
IPCA Laboratories revenues worth Rs 980.44 million rupees and he its sales tenth largest Indian pharmaceutical company.
Laboratories is the second largest pharmaceutical company in India.
GSK GlaxoSmithKline Pharma is the seventh largest pharmaceutical company has a turnover of Rs 1, 773,410,000 rupees
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Oneida beat without tadalista description.1 masonry, Tadalafil inhibits PDE5 East movement component and thus undermines its operation.
Because childhood obesity often persists into adulthood and is associated with numerous chronic illnesses, children who are obese are often tested for hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver.
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How To Compare Automobile Insurance Companies

Car allowance is both a acknowledged obligation and something of a banking necessity. You are accurately answerable to acquirement a policy, but at the aforementioned time it is acutely financially advisable to get yourself acceptable coverage. If analytic for a acceptable action you do not alone charge to anticipate about how abundant you are paying and what advantage you are getting. You aswell charge to carefully accede the aggregation that you are purchasing the action from. Comparing auto allowance companies, therefore, is paramount.

When searching at the altered providers accessible to you there are consistently several things that you charge to consider. Firstly, consistently accomplish abiding that they are financially stable. A financially defended provider will be in a position to accord with your affirmation bound and efficiently. If you are larboard afterwards a car afterwards accepting an blow again you would wish them to accommodate you with a backup car as well.

Whatever the casework they offer, you would wish accept a aggregation that will put them into abode immediately. You don’t wish to be larboard in the blunder and accordingly accepting a aggregation that has a able banking history is traveling to be important. At the a lot of alarming end of the spectrum, allotment a aggregation that is actual financially afraid can advance to you accident out on your allowance altogether if they are not in a position to in fact awning your claim.

Any provider that you attending at should about accept a able chump account department. You should be searching at providers that accept 24 hour abutment and ample offices with assorted altered chump account agents accommodating to yield your alarm at any time. If anytime you accept to delay on authority for an continued aeon of time, this is a bad sign.

Reputation counts for a lot as well. About acceptability is traveling to be developed over time in the industry and acutely the bigger their casework and the bigger their chump service, the bigger their alliteration is traveling to become. Analytic about online and accepting to chump acknowledgment is a actual simple way of free whether or not any provider in fact has a able acceptability aural the industry. Consistently seek for live, up-to-date, listings if because any allowance provider.

Conducting comparisons of auto allowance companies is crucial, therefore, if you wish to get the best action available. Ideally your aim should be award a acceptable aggregation who offers you top superior coverage, service, and value.

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Cold Sore Medication

There are many methods of everyone in search of cold tender drugs and furthermore, as not any of them merchandise is totally effective in alleviating wintry tender signs or symptoms if they show up, research is constant to aid try to find the greatest cool uncomfortable cure. With a few stats hinting that 70-90 % with the populace offers the hsv simplex virus, the wide ranging industry for a quick and successful treatment method is very large, even if the majority of the infected present no signs of the trouble.

Get consider one of the most well-known products and solutions that you can buy and check out where did they do the job.


Abreva has become the preferred and efficient chilly painful medicines available which is the only more than-the-counter-top cool uncomfortable medications being licensed by the FDA. The active component is Docosanol, which helps prevent the frosty sore from distribution by growing a protective level around the healthy tissues found next to the chilly aching. It really is at its most beneficial when placed on the uncomfortable before it upper thighs . – the. within the prickling phase onwards and can lessen the quantity of another panic attack by a few days.


In most patients use of Zovirax after pins and needles is was feeling can reduce the development of a cool painful considerably, often no being in the least. The ingredient is acycloviris, which functions to lessen genital herpes from replicating and helps cuts down on the irritability and soreness around the painful.


Novitra can be a topical salve containing zinc sulfate, that’s conveniently absorbed and enables hasten the process of healing. At present this system is not authorized by the Food.

Amino acid lysine salves

Lysine is famous for its ability to avoid and address cold sores and it’s typically considered as being a complement to reduce the regularity of cool uncomfortable violence. Even so additionally, there are quite a few salves that contain amino acid lysine, which can often aid fever blisters when they look.

As you can see in the range above, there are numerous of various options to take into consideration while searching for doctor prescribed or over-the-counter freezing aching medicine. Remember on the other hand that some medicines can generate unhealthy unwanted side effects understanding that most of the time natural remedies have been shown be in the same way effective in lowering the all round time for any patch to heal entirely.

Ideal Protein – Discover Sensible, Stable Weight Loss at Slayton Chiropractic Clinic

Did Your Last Diet do that?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method assists dieters with sensible weight loss and educates them so they can maintain a stable weight after dieting. Our protocol helps dieters burn fat, while supporting muscle mass. Why is that important? Retaining muscle is important as it is required to burn calories. If you lose muscle while dieting (a common, but little acknowledged fact for most diet programs), you will hinder your ability to burn calories after you stop dieting. Ideal Protein Protocol provides one-on-one coaching empowers dieters with the knowledge to make smarter eating decisions to support weight stabilization after dieting.

You’ve already taken the first step on your journey towards stable weight loss…you can’t stop now. Please contact Slayton Chiropractic Clinic today to request your initial weight loss assessment and learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

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7 Foods to Stay Healthy and Strong Always – Healthy Wealthy Food

There is again the wave of cold and flu, so be prepared already in the kitchen. Use these 7 foods that strengthen the immune system and help yourself to stay healthy.

Peppers. Vitamin C is important for immunity. Did you know that peppers contain twice more vitamin C than lemons and oranges. So, add the peppers in salad. And spicy pepper, which stimulates blood circulation and warms the body, as an added protection against the common cold (contains vitamin C as it is cute).

Yogurt. Probiotic yogurt improves the intestinal flora, and healthy intestinal flora makes the body more resistant to infection for 60% of immunity depends on the good work. After the primary product, the yogurt helps to better absorb probiotics into the body.

Green tea. Contains helpful antioxidants necessary for optimal health. In combination with a twist (but no milk!), being a good protection against the common cold.

Sweet potato. Replace ordinary potatoes fine at least for the duration of the flu season. Sweet potato contains antioxidants that improve the functioning of cells and contribute to immunity.

Garlic. it is known in traditional medicine as a tool against the flu. Contains calcium, potassium and sulfuric compounds that help to eliminate unwanted bacteria.

Turmeric. Not that only has a nice spice, but it also fights against infection and inflammation.

Brussels sprouts. Low calorie, flavor, richness of nutrients – half a cup will provide you half the necessary daily amount of vitamin C, plus other useful substances that contribute to immunity.