Gaining The Edge On Cancer Control

Cancer control has taken America by storm. Thanks to better treatment options and earlier detection, cancer rates have declined significantly within the last couple of years, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Preventing any type of cancer can be accomplished through a healthy diet and healthy habits, but there is the chance none of these will help. Genetics could be the case for patients suffering from bone cancer because doctors are unsure as to what really causes this disease.

According to the ACS, there will only be a little over two thousand cases of bone cancer in the United States for 2007. Of that number, only a thousand will actually die from the disease. Bone cancer can begin in the bone, but most often the cancer started in another organ and spread.

In this instance, the cancer cells were malignant and filtered easily to other parts of the body. In these situations, patients end up receiving the same type of therapy as was used for the original cancer because the cells are the same.

Bone tumors get their name according to the region of the bone the cells are infecting. Bone tumors can be benign or malignant. If a bone tumor is benign, the patient will not see the cells spread to other parts of the body. There are several types of bone tumors, but the two most common forms are osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma.

Osteosarcoma is the most common form of bone cancer found in patients between the ages of ten and thirty. There is the possibility that individuals between the ages of sixty and seventy will develop osteosarcoma, but rarely does one see this cancer in someone who is between the ages of thirty and sixty.

Males are also more susceptible to this common form of bone cancer than women. Chondrosarcoma affects the bone cartilage and usually occurs in patients after age twenty. Risks for developing this type of bone cancer continually rise as a person gets older and men and women are at equal risk of developing this disease.

Bone cancer protection is difficult to define mainly because there is no scientific method used to prevent it. There are risk factors associated with bone cancer such as having a previous disease or receiving treatment for a specific disease, like radiation therapy.

Age can also play a role in who develops bone cancer. Because it is hard to practice cancer control when it comes to the human bone structure, everyone is at risk for developing this disease at some point in their life.

The most common diagnosis for bone cancer is pain. As the tumor grows, the pain worsens for the individual. Detecting the pain is the first part of bone cancer control. The next important step is detecting it. This can be done through x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, bone scans or PET scans.

Once the cancer is found and defined, a patient needs to work on a treatment. Normally treatments for bone cancer are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. It is important when practicing any kind of cancer control that you discuss all your options with a doctor so you can find the right treatment for your body.

Cancer control may be easier when discussing breast and prostate cancer, mainly because the detection methods are better, more people are quitting smoking and treatment methods are more advanced. Researchers are constantly working on ways to prevent and treat bone cancer. As more discoveries are made, hopefully the numbers will decline too as they did for other cancers.

Reiki and Insomnia: How Reiki Can Help You Sleep Better

If you suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia, Reiki can help you sleep better.

Isn’t it awful when you lie awake at night, tossing and turning with your mind racing? You can’t get comfortable, you can’t relax and before you know it, it’s time to get up and you’re just as exhausted as you were when you went to bed? For many people, this is not just an occasional event, but a constant round of insomnia and exhaustion.

There are many reasons for sleeplessness, including dyspraxia, pain killers, some anti depressants and stress. If you suffer from a medical condition, you should seek advice from your doctor.

Imagine for a moment how you would feel if you could be totally relaxed when you went to bed, slept well for eight to ten hours and arose the next morning feeling fresh, energised, your batteries recharged, alert and ready to face the day.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Too good to be true?

Research has shown that one of the many benefits of Reiki is that it aids restful sleep. Studies of people who are recovering from heart attacks or who are receiving treatment for cancer indicate that Reiki helps them sleep better than those who have not had Reiki treatments.

If you are simply someone who does not sleep, most practitioners have anecdotal evidence that a course of Reiki treatments helps most people sleep better. Sometimes clients will say that they hadn’t realised how badly they slept until they had had some Reiki treatments. Their sleep became deeper, they woke up less during the night and when they woke up they felt so much more rested and better able to cope with life.

In fact, many people learn Reiki for just that reason: so that they can self treat and improve their sleeping habits. The other benefits of Reiki include stress release, relief from anxiety and help to meditate.

Reiki is an observable system only measurable in its effects. When a Reiki practitioner treats a client, they can’t tell you how it works, just that it does. Many practitioners will talk about universal life energy, prana, ki or a variety of other things, but the truth is that we don’t know for definite. However, it is generally accepted to be harmless, even by mainstream medicine, and is now beginning to be accepted as a worthwhile complement to allopathic treatment.

When you have a Reiki treatment for sleeplessness or insomnia, you will usually sleep well that night. When you have several Reiki treatments you will probably begin to sleep better every night. When you learn Reiki for yourself and self treat every day, you will have the power to help yourself sleep well every night.

You Can Protect Your Eyes From Macular Degeneration and Cataracts With Lutein

As the population ages eye health problems are on the rise. Diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts have seen significant increases. This can rob people of their freedom and quality of life. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in people over 65. AMD occurs when the cells in the central part of the eye, known as the macular, begin to deteriorate. The result being a loss of sight in the central part of the field of vision, leaving peripheral vision intake.

There are two types of AMD; they are referred to as the dry and wet forms. By some estimates over 16 million people in the United States show the beginning stages of AMD. Fortunately, the majority exhibit the dry form which can be treated with diet and lifestyle changes. This form is not associated with blindness but if left untreated can progress into the wet form which is associated with blindness. The wet form of the disease leads to irreversible blindness in about 10% of patients.

There are several risk factors that can lead to age related macular degeneration. Some of these are heart disease, prolonged exposure to sunlight, eye color and gender. Anyone that feels they may have one or more or these factors should discuss them with their doctor.

Lutein can be found in green leafy vegetables such, as spinach or kale, as well as in egg yolks and fruits. It is not produced by the body and needs to be obtained from diet or supplementation. Large amounts of fruits and vegetables would need to be consumed in order to obtain the recommended daily amount of lutein. It is a carotenoid that acts as a powerful antioxidant to eliminate free radicals that can be harmful to our eyes. Carotenoids have shown benefits in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and eye disease and enhancing the body’s immune system.

A researcher at Harvard University first discovered the importance of lutein in protecting our eyes in 1944. Since that time there has been significant research done and is recommended by many eye doctors for their patients.

Kemin Foods recently did a study that found 91% of eye doctors believe that lutein plays an important role in promoting good eye health. In addition, 58% of those surveyed believe lutein is the best nutrient for promoting long term eye health. This survey consisted of 150 ophthalmologists and 150 optometrists in the United States about their perceptions of lutein

Lutein is found naturally in the macular of the eye. Have you ever known anybody that has fading eye color as they age? This is not due to age itself but a lack of lutein, which acts to filter harmful light from the eyes. You can think of it as a natural pair of sunglasses.

If you start using sunscreen and moisturizer when you are young it will help you preserve the natural and youthful appearance of your skin as you age. Assuming you are getting enough lutein from your diet and supplementation it will have a similar effect on preserving the good eyesight you have today. This is why even people with good eyesight now should make sure they are getting enough lutein. It has the ability to build reserves in the eye. Wouldn’t it be nice when your 60 to have the same good eyesight you had when you were 30.

Know When You Need a Dentist

When should I see a dentist? How do I find the best Dentist? Most people do not like the dentist. If you can find a dentist that offers the services in Dental health that you need such as Periodontics, general Dentistry, endodontics and prosthodontic you have found a great Dentist American Fork. A periodontist specializes in the care of your gums and gum disease. Endodontics is a word for a specialty in root canals and more difficult procedures associated with a root canal. Making false teeth look real and work properly is what a prosthodontic dentist does.

Dentist who meet the needs you desire can be hard to find, but finding a dentist who services community and offers dental care in Oral Health can be very difficult. You want to get a referral you can trust. Dentist West Jordan, West Jordan Wisdom Teeth can offer Cancer Services, Prosthodontic, Endodontics over general dentistry and Dentist West Jordan takes Delta Dental plans. They have been through Dental School and offer many services in dentistry. Most referrals come from friends or acquaintances, but in today electronic world oral Care and dentistry services can be found online and by searching Dentist American Fork, West Jordan Family and West Jordan Wisdom Teeth.

When people need a dentist one should be located quickly and finding one who services community can be difficult. Many consumer web pages specialized in finding a dentist who offers medicine services and cancer services, health services and can also give General Dentistry, pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontic care. This can all be found on the internet. Consumers can read about many dentist and what each dentist has to offer is different. By searching online you can find the type of dentist you are looking for in your area.

Most people will only need a general dentist, they can offer dental services in dental care with oral services being a top priority. Some patients will need to have Dental Services that are more complicated like Cancer Services and medicine services.

Patients who have special needs like having a difficult tooth extracted or who need a dentist who specializes in caring for children or gum diseases there is still a way to find a specialist using these consumer based web sites. Pediatric Dentistry is also a specialty that

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If you are in the market for specialist who can do different procedures and do them well this dentist can be a benefit. Preferably to find one who offers all the services mentioned is a bonus. Understanding what kind of specialists you need is important. The web will help you in your search and a good dentist that offers services you need is the best dentist. A dentist who gives health services and oral care is what most dentists do– those who can offer services like Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, General Dentistry, Endodontics, and Prosthodontic care are specialists who will do the best work and your mouth will be happy.


Summer Sun Protection Tips

The skin is the largest organ. It is very important to follow guidelines to keep it clean and healthy. Summer sun often leads to painful sunburns that could lead to unsightly scarring and skin cancer.

As summer approaches, we often need reminders or new ideas to help protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

Choosing the Best UV Protection

While planning a beach vacation, we tend to have more important things on our minds than sun protection.

Whether people want to admit it or not, looking great at the beach takes some special planning. Not getting sunburned also takes some special planning. A lot of people tend to shy away from sunscreens because several of them are coloured. No one wants to go to the beach looking like a cartoon character! No worries, beach bums – there are plenty of sunscreens that rub in clear.

All sunscreens have a sun protection factor, or SPF, printed on the bottle or label. A minimum SPF of 15 blocks most of the sun’s harmful rays and helps prevent sunburn.

The minimum SPF does not offer maximum protection; some rays will still penetrate and may burn you. It is highly recommended that you use a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 15. Broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPF of higher than 15 that also contain avobenzone, ecamsule, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are proven to be more effective against all of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

Applying Sunscreen

If you read the label, you will likely see ‘generously apply’ -but what does that really mean?

Apply sunscreen in a similar fashion that you would apply lotion to very dry skin. Apply about one ounce of sunscreen to the legs. Follow up with about one ounce to the face, neck shoulders and arms. In all, an adult should probably use 2-3 ounces of sunscreen per application.

The initial application should take place about 30 minutes before entering the sun. This short wait allows your skin to absorb some of the protective chemicals. Reapply sunscreen about every 1.5-2 hours.

Even “water resistant” sunscreens often get washed away within an hour. Any time you dry your skin with a towel, reapply your sunscreen.

Other Sunscreen Options

Female beach-goers tend to feel their best when they can wear makeup. Even a hint of colour can help a woman feel her best.

Avoid lip glosses that do not offer SPF! Lip cancer is one of the most common forms of skin cancer. Using lip gloss without SPF helps pull more of the sun’s power to your lips. Many cosmetic companies now advertise SPF in not only lip glosses and lipsticks, but in other products as well. Facial creams can be a great way to ensure you have enough SPF to protect delicate facial skin as well as ears, neck and chest.

Clothing, Sunglasses and Hats

While you’re just relaxing in the sun, save the sunscreen and wear a light layer of clothing. Clothing will help protect your skin, but not as well as sunscreen.

A typical cotton t-shirt provides about the same protection as most SPF 15 sunscreens. Proper summertime clothing can also help keep you cooler. Darker colored clothing can provide more protection from the sun than light colors.

Many companies are creating sun-protective garments that help protect against the sun’s rays. Detergent companies are joining the battle and creating laundry detergents that add polymers to clothing that will help block UV rays.

Wide brimmed hats are an excellent addition to the summer wardrobe. Hats help protect the forehead, nose and ears from sunburn. The hat doesn’t have to be huge. Just 2-3 inches will help protect delicate skin from a painful burn. Baseball caps can help protect the face, but not the neck or ears. Tightly woven straw hats can help protect and shade you from the sun’s glare.

Sunglasses are a very important factor to any summertime wardrobe. Dark sunglasses aren’t enough. To effectively deter UV rays, glasses must have a special chemical coating. Look for sunglasses with an ANSI label. The sun’s rays can still penetrate darker plastics. Don’t forget children’s sensitive eyes as well. Children need the same eye protection as adults.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol can lead to more severe sunburn.

Alcoholic beverages tend to dehydrate the skin, making it more susceptible to sunburn. Excessive alcohol consumption tends to make sun-lovers less aware of the amount of time they have spent in the sun and increases the chance of sunburn.

Your Dentist Could Help You From Avoid Cancer by Checking for the Signs

It is recommended that one should visit their dentist for a general checkup regularly (about every six months). For people with good oral health, who do not engage in many of the oral-health risk factors (such as smoking, heavy drinking etc.) or suffer from conditions such as diabetes, this can be as infrequently as every two years. The oral practitioners checkup is to ensure, with the opinion of an expert, that any problems with the teeth, gums or mouth are spotted early. The most important job in any checkup is where the dentist checks for oral disease, which means your dentist could help you from avoid cancer.

Cancel in general is when there is a growth of cells, which invade and damage the surrounding tissue. It can be caused by lifestyle or environment (such as when the victim has smoked for several years) or can have hereditary caused. Common symptoms of oral cancel include swelling on the lips or anywhere else in the mouth, unexplained bleeding (that has not been caused by over-zealous brushing) or severe soreness or abnormal tissue inside the mouth.

There are several risk factors involved. For example, men are twice as likely to develop it as women and even more commonly men who are aged over 50 years old. People who are drink high amounts or smoke on a regular basis and, as with all cancers, it can be hereditary; if a person has a family history of the disease than the specific person is more likely to develop oral cancer in their life.

In order to check for cancer, during a standard checkup, a screening exam will be performed. This is why they will check for any specific lumps of tissue with an irregular surface. In addition to this, the practitioner will be looking for any issue that has become discolored or any evidence of abnormal cells.

This type of cancer is treated in exactly the same way as others. It may require surgery to remove the tumor, followed by radiation/chemotherapy and the necessity of drug treatments.

To help reduce risk factors, it is often a good idea to conduct an examination of one’s own mouth once a month. In a bright area, use a mirror to look inside your mouth and feel inside your mouth with your tongue to see if there are any unusual lumps that cannot be explained by other means (for example a mouth ulcer) and for any tissue that is this discolored or does not have regular texture.

Always have regular (whether that be six months or up to two years at the max) sessions at a dentist’s office. Although you should be checking your mouth if you have a high risk factor lifestyle, the dentist is trained and can spot things that you may not be able to. The earlier it is spotted, the earlier it can be treated, and the more success the treatment is likely to have.

Getting checkups can severely limit one’s risk of developing oral cancel, and if it is developed, ensure that you have the best treatment as quickly as possible. So by consistently visiting the dentist for regular checkups, your dentist could help you from avoid cancer.

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Commonly asked health questions- All answered here!

Often people are extremely concerned about some of the health issues yet never manage to muster the courage to ask their doctor… Here are the ‘Top 5’ most common questions that pop up in the mind of people yet they refrain from asking their doctor about the same. Therefore, if you are among those, here is a cheat sheet to all your questions.

Q1. Do smokers hurt their children?

Yes. Parents who smoke are responsible for negatively impacting the immune system of their children. This further result in the child being more susceptible to respiratory tract diseases, infections, and allergies. Remember the fact that prolonged exposure to second hand smoke damages the DNA. Another lethal reality is that taking in smoke or being exposed to second hand smoke can cause cancer of the lungs, mouth, lips, nasal cavity, sinuses, voice box, throat, food pipe, stomach, pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterus, cervix, ovary, colon and rectum. Therefore, living in a society, all of us have the responsibility to protect the children from breathing in this toxic.

Q2. How early at age should a girl take a preventive examination?

One of the most basic and critical examination for a girl is to go in for her breast medical examination at the age of 18. Once the girl gets sexually active, no matter what her age is, she should go in for the screening of sexually transmitted diseases and get educated about pregnancy and its vital symptoms. In the case of cervical cancer, both girls and boys of the ages 9 to 12 should get vaccinated against Human Papiloma Viruses. Know more, do more; this vaccination is now considered a standard of health care.

Q3. Does laughter really increase one’s lifespan?

A good question indeed! It is true that laughter does prolong the length of one’s livelihood. Numerous researches conducted on ‘laughter being a medicine for real’ claims that it not only reduces stress but also aids in reducing pain, improving immunity and lowers blood pressure enormously. Laughter triggers a happy hormone in our body, which helps us live longer. So, waste no more time and stretch your life span by including loads on laughter in your daily schedule! You could also try to inculcate laughing exercises in your daily exercise routine.

Q4. Are organic foods a ‘real’ health booster?

Organic foods are known to be a rich source of cancer-fighting antioxidants. Most vegetables that are grown conventionally are said to be 60% adulterated with pesticides. You should be a smart judge and understand that consuming chemicals that are used to grow and yield more produce are certainly not good for you. You should also be cautious and avoid consuming canned and processed foods to avoid the chemicals from entering your body.

Q5. Is antibiotic consumption, on a frequent basis, harmful?

Antibiotics have become very crucial in the lives of many; however, it should be taken only when prescribed. Taking antibiotics more than often or too frequently could lead to dangerous outcomes. Using over the counter antibiotics will reduce the efficiency of the drug against the target bacteria and they will build resistance to them. Antibiotics are bacteria-killers that when used too often are easily resisted by the bacteria. Misuse of these relief givers will make the bacteria immune and hence will no longer fight the infection.

Asking a doctor any query that pops up in your head should never be an embarrassing moment for you. Therefore, it’s best suggested to have a general / family practicing doctor to answer and solve all your doubts. You could also book a family/ general practitioner’s appointment online by logging on to the India family/ general practitioners’ directory right away.

Are Genital Warts Treatment Available Today Effective?

The most common sexually transmitted disease in the world today is the so-called genital warts. This disease continues to spread at a faster pace than any other sexually transmitted disease. It is much faster than the spread of the deadly AIDS virus and gonorrhea. It is therefore necessary for genital wart removal.

Research alone in the United States has shown that there is an estimate of 6.2 million new infections every year. With that rate of infection it is no wonder that we have to look for ways to search for the best genital warts medication immediately.

But what are exactly genital warts? Genital warts are also known as the human papilloma virus (HPV). This is also sometimes called venereal warts and mostly infects people whose age ranges from 18 to 40 years old. This is the time where people are most sexually active than in any other age range.

The disease can infect both males and females but according to studies the females are the most vulnerable from this infection. For the females, the reproductive tract is the commonly attacked part of the human body. Genital warts if not treated properly and immediately can lead to cancerous lesions of the cervix or the so-called cervical cancer.
For the females, genital warts can appear on the cervix, around and inside the vagina, and can even infect the vulva. For the males it can appear and infect the penis, the area around and near the anus and between the thighs.

Genital warts start out as a flesh or pink colored lesion on the skin. It is also usually has a moist and soft eruptions that appear on the skin. These eruptions form into a full time sore that often times group themselves together to form a big sore that looks very much like a cauliflower. With this case it naturally calls for genital warts removal.

Since this is a sexually transmitted disease, sexual contact with an infected person can definitely expose an uninfected person to the infection. Unprotected sex like having sex without using any latex condom can be favorable for the rapid spread of the disease.

People may not know it but sometimes they are already infected because the symptoms usually appear several weeks or months after the initial contact with an infected person. In this instances when there are no symptoms appearing yet they do not usually seek genital warts treatment.

The usual symptoms to look for if a person has been infected with genital warts are the swelling and the appearance of cauliflower like growth near the genitals. For females if they suspect that they are infected and cannot see any outward symptoms it is better to check first with your physicians.

The physician might do a pap smear where the doctor will get a tissue sample of the inside of the vagina. The sample is then brought to the laboratory for tests to confirm if the person is infected or not.

The lesson here is that people should not have sexual contacts with known carriers of that sexually transmitted disease. If it cannot be avoided make sure to have protection by wearing condoms just to be sure. And when a person suspects that he or she might be infected immediately consult with your physician so that the proper genital warts removal method can be applied.

There are actually 80 strains of the virus known to man but most of these are harmless and cannot cause permanent damage and injury. However, the bad news is that several of these strains can be the cause for cervical and penile cancer in humans.

Doctors prescribe the application of chemical solutions like podophyllin and/or trichloroacetic acid in order to remove the infection. They can also suggest using the liquid nitrogen method or the cryosurgery method. This method can be used for the permanent removal of genital warts.

The warts can also be scraped off the skin but this is only done after the skin is numbed by the injection of local anesthetics. This is called electro cauterization.

There are several ways for genital warts medication. Whatever that is it is always better to ask the opinion of your physician first on what is best for you.

Running Tips – Other Reasons To Run A Road Race

Running a road race is a great way for runners to test themselves as they go along. Newer runners can test their fitness levels – seasoned runners can try new and longer distances. Road races are great for keeping you motivated with your running by setting and achieving racing goals. However there are other reasons to run a road race. Here are a few of my favorites.

A wonderful reason to run a road race is to run for a charity. Millions of dollars are raised every year by those running for their favorite organizations. From the American Cancer Society to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – you can find an organization that raises funds through runners. What are you passionate about? Look on their website and see if they have any events you can run in. Also, look at the entry forms of races that you do. They may have charities that you can benefit your running.

Another great thing to do is to help a runner newer than you get ready for their first race. You can offer to run with them in training – and maybe even run with them during the race. It makes you feel great to get someone ready for race day. If you like, you can run the race with your protégé at their pace. And, it’s a super feeling to see their face as they cross the finish line!

A super reason to run races is for the camaraderie. I used to run with a group of friends. We would travel to races together – whether close by or out of town. If it was close enough to drive the morning of – we’d carpool and have a great time! We would get each other pumped up on the drive to the race and then on the way back we’d recap the race. Then there are the runners that you only see at races that may live out of town. It’s always fun to catch back up with them.

With your running friends you can also run relay races. There are many races around now that a certain person will run just a portion of the race and other team members run their portions. This is another great way to build camaraderie and friendships.

My favorite reason to run races now is destination races. I’ll pick a race or two a year that is out of town in places where I’d like to have a mini-vacation. This is a fantastic way to keep the motivation up for your running. I live where it’s colder in the winter, so I always plan a race in a warmer climate in January or February.