Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment and Stem cell Therapies

Numerous medical examiners and doctors believe that stem cell treatments have the power to revolutionize the face of human diseases and assuage suffering. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate more stem Cells and this makes it a valuable in field of medicine. It has the capability to generate tissues that can replace damaged cells in the body, with least risk of any side effects.

There are numerous stem cell therapies that are prevalent today, but most of them are at various stages of experiment and are exorbitant. Although one noteworthy success achieved through the stem cell treatment is the bone marrow transplantation. As per the recent study in medical science, researchers predict that cancer can be treated through the adult embryonic stem cells. The stem cell therapies can cure fatal diseases like diabetes mellitus, Heart Attack patients, and critical neurological disorders. It is also known for curing Parkinson’s disease and stages of Huntington’s disease. Treatment for muscle damage and numerous others.

As per cell therapeutics, despite the benefits of the stem cells therapies, it needs more research before transplantation of the damaged cells.

Currently this therapy is used to cure fatal stages of Cancer. This is done through the bone marrow of one’s own body or using the cells of one’s own umbilical cord blood stem cells. This is more applicable in the treatment of Blood Cancer that is caused due to abnormal increase of the white blood cells in the body. This therapy is also applied in cure of another type of Cancer called the Lymphoma Cancer; this is a type of Cell that is a part of the Immune system of the body.

With the advance research and study of the Stem cell in Medical Science, this therapy can be also used to cure serious diseases such as Brain damage, loss of hair, various types of cancer, injuries related to the spinal cord, cardiac related problems, vision impairment and deafness. Other issues those are common such as the missing tooth, healing of the wounds, diabetes. The most common problem that working g couple faces these days is infertility and orthopedics.

The application of this method of treatment is now understood due to its various benefits and ability to cure deadly disease. It empowers the human body to repair and recover from the damaged and injured cells through using the new cells that regenerate and refurbish within the body. It prevents shrinkage of cell and enriches the supply of blood and endorses tissue regeneration.

Today curing various stages of fatal diseases is made possible with the advancement in the research of application of stem cells. it has revolutionized the approach towards treating various cardiac related problems. However it has also led to rise of many doubts and concerns on the possibility of side effects, conditions of the patient to undergo this therapy, which genre of cells is used and in what quantity. How do these cells regenerate in the body? What is the age of these cells until which they are active in the body, does it also require perpetual replacement of the old cells with the new cells? What safety and precautions measures are taken while treating a patient is there any potential risk in the use of the stem cells?

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