Consult a dentist before an oral surgery in kolkata

If you are suffering from the pain in the neck, face and the jaw region, it is always advisable to consult an oral surgeon in Kolkata. Nowadays oral surgery in kolkata has become quite popular as it is a surgery to treat the diseases of the neck face and the oral region. It is an internationally recognized surgery which has brought a smile to many faces. In most countries around the world, oral surgery is a recognized specialty of dentistry. The surgery involves the diagnosis, surgery and adjunctive treatment of the diseases, injuries and defects involving both functional and the aesthetic aspects of the facial region.

The oral surgeon has a dual degree in dentistry and medicine and the oral surgery is seen as a bridge between the two. The expert treats the head and the neck cancer, salivary region treatment, facial disproportion and also cysts and tumours of the jaw region. Sometimes due to the swollenness in these areas the patient suffers from allergy rashes. The patient develops rashes and small implants in these areas. Consult an oral surgeon immediately for an allergy treatment in kolkata. He will give the prescribed medicines which will help to cure the rashes.Take the prescribed medicines regularly. Do not eat those food items which may cause allergy in the facial region. One of the most commonly used instruments for oral surgery is the surgical forceps.

I There are various treatments for the oral surgery in Kolkata:

.1.Dentoalveolar surgery- It is a surgery for teeth extractions, bone implant and also preprosthetic surgery to provide better anatomy for the placement of implants, dentures, or other dental prostheses.

2. Diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant pathology, cysts, tumors etc.

3.Diagnosis and treatment of congenital craniofacial malformations such as cleft lip and palate and cranial vault malformations such as craniosynostosis.

4.Cosmetic surgery is restricted to the head and the neck region.

Sometimes the patients develop strong allergy due to the medications for the steroid nasal sprays. The drugs reduce the inflammation in the nasal passages thereby reliving the nasal symptoms. But if any patient is allergic to any of the nasal drugs he or she must refrain from using them. But if the patient develops a strong allergy from any of the drugs, consult with a doctor for an allergy treatment in Kolkata. An immunologist will guide you accordingly. He will obtain a thorough medical history, examine you and then check out the symptoms. Skin tests may be needed to find out what kind of allergic disease. After the entire medical tests are performed, the immunologist will go for a diagnosis.

We all are aware of the famous proverb that prevention is better than cure. Thpigh prevention comes first, but there is more to it. Medications are provided to reduce the effect of the allergy and heat rashes and also improve the quality of life. If the patient has an allergy to a particular food item or a pet in the house, it is better to avoid those. Some causes of allergic symptoms, such as pollen, molds and dust mites, cannot be completely eliminated and are difficult to avoid. Exposure can be reduced, however, by environmental control measures prescribed by your allergist.

types of lung cancer

What exactly are the various types of lung cancer?

lung cancer, a illness from the lungs brought on by uncontrolled mobile development within the wholesome tissues of one’s lungs. Among the most typical leads to of the illness is cigarette smoking. Think it or not, cigarette smoking isn’t the one reason for this illness. Other leads to of the illness consist of:


Radon Gasoline

Familial Predisposition

Prior Lung Illnesses (COPD)

Air Air pollution

Passive Cigarette smoking (2nd hand smoke)

What a brief checklist of what leads to most cancers, to get a illness that’s the #1 top reason for demise globally in males and ladies. lung cancer has additionally surpassed breast most cancers in becoming the #1 reason for most cancers fatalities in ladies as well.

Obviously a prognosis of lung cancer can’t be that simple. There’s two types of lung cancer, that are categorized into two types. The very first and many typical types of lung cancer is Non Little Mobile lung cancer, that has been accounted for 80% of all lungs cancers these days. The 2nd types is Little Mobile lung cancer, that makes up another 20% of lung cancers. They’re two completely various types of lung cancer, yet another ambitious compared to other, every 1 requirements to become handled in a different way, the checklist goes on. Therefore it is extremely essential that you know exactley which types of lung cancer you’ve. You will find numerous choices provided to find the right prognosis of one’s lung cancer. Here are a few from the exams an oncologist will carry out to make sure variance in between the 2 types of lung cancer.

Chest X-Ray

CAT Scan


PET Scan

Bone Scan

Sputum Cytology


Needle Biopsy

Significant Surgical procedure (ex. Medrastinoscopy, Thoracotomy)

So let us speak just a little concerning the illness….

Non Little Mobile lung cancer, we currently set up this was the most typical types of lung cancer. According to the types of tumors discovered throughout screening, Non Little Mobile lung cancer is divided into 3 primary types of the illness.

Adenocarcinoma – tends to make up 50% of all NSCLC, it’s a most cancers that originates within the glandular tissues generally impacting the outer region from the lungs. Bronchioalveolar is really a subtype of the most cancers, that is composed of a combination of various types of most cancers and it is often discovered in numerous websites from the lung. This types of most cancers continues to be discovered to become related with people who smoke and non people who smoke.

Squamous Mobile Carcinoma – tends to make up 30% of NSCLC. This most cancers originates within the squamous cells masking the within and outdoors surfaces of one’s physique. Which incorporates the skin, the lining of one’s significant organs, as well as inside your respiratory passages. Mostly this most cancers is discovered within the central chest region.

Big Mobile Undifferentiated Carcinoma – tends to make up about 15% of NSCLC, it’s discovered to become probably the most uncommom type of NSCLC. It could begin in almost any a part of your lung, and has a tendency to develop and distribute quickly creating it extremely challenging to deal with.

Little Mobile lung cancer, the 2nd types of lung cancer talked about will be the much more ambitious types of most cancers. It’s firmly associated to those that are people who smoke, only discovering tumors in 1% who’re not people who smoke. This most cancers has a tendency to spreads much more rapidly than Non Little Mobile lung cancer. In addition, it is divided into 3 primary types of the illness.

Little Mobile Carcinoma – Frequently referred to as oat mobile most cancers, because of the clinincal traits below a microscope. It displays extremely ambitious conduct, and metastases extremely rapidly within the earlier program from the illness. Generally spreading towards the significant organs and also the lymphatic method.

Combined Small/Large Mobile Carcinoma – Extremely unusual types of most cancers, exams demonstrated that Little Mobile lung cancer and Non Little Mobile lung cancer can mix and trigger a existence of the combined lung cancer prognosis.

Mixed Little Mobile Carcinoma – A little mobile lung cancer mixed with neoplastic squamous and/or glandular elements.

Lethal but correct, they are the investigated details I discovered on lung cancer. I lately misplaced my father to this lethal illness. You are able to study his tale right here at hubpages. Go to: A Kid’s Voice on Dropping a Member of the family.

You will find the 2 primary types of lung cancer becoming, non-small mobile lung cancer and little mobile lung cancer.

Non-small mobile lung cancer

Will be the most typical from the two, accounting for 80% of cancers, primarily impacting non-smokers and ladies.Therapy and survival from non small-cell lung cancer are firmly based on the phase from the most cancers at prognosis. You will find 4 phases of lung cancer with phase four becoming probably the most sophisticated.

NSCLC may be divided into 3 primary types which are called primarily based on the types of cells discovered within the tumor:

Adenocarcinomas would be the most typical and comprise as much as 50% of NSCLC. Even though this types of lung cancer is related with cigarette smoking, this types of most cancers continues to be noticed in non-smokers also. Most adenocarcinomas come up within the outer, or peripheral, locations from the lungs.

Squamous mobile carcinomas utilized to become much more typical than adenocarcinomas; nevertheless, at the moment, they account for around 30% of NSCLC. Squamous mobile cancers come up most often within the central chest region within the bronchi. They’re also referred to as epidermoid carcinomas

Big mobile carcinomas, occasionally known as undifferentiated carcinomas, would be the minimum typical types of NSCLC.

Little Mobile lung cancer

20% of lung cancers are little mobile lung cancers, a quickly expanding, quickly spreading most cancers mainly brought on by cigarette smoking.

This specific most cancers metastasizes quickly to other websites inside the physique and therefore are most frequently found once they have distribute thoroughly.

It responds nicely to chemotherapy therapy (medicine that kills most cancers cells) and radiation treatment (higher dose x-rays that destroy most cancers cells)

Little Mobile lung cancer Staging

It’s essential that little mobile lung cancer staging is completed so as the very best therapy choices may be established for the specific most cancers. In addition, it assists your physician comprehend and clarify your prognosis for you.

Other types of lung cancer

You will find other types of cancers that come up within the lung; these types aren’t as typical because the NSCLC and SCLC and with each other compromise 5%-10% of lung cancers:

Bronchial carcinoids account for as much as 5% of lung cancers. They’re little tumors that generally happen in individuals beneath the age of forty. Unrelated to cigarette cigarette smoking carcinoid tumors can metastasize, along with a little proportion of these secrete hormone-like ingredients that could trigger particular signs and symptoms associated towards the hormone becoming created. Carcinoids generally develop and distribute a lot much more gradually than bronchogenic cancers, and when detected earlier sufficient are amenable to surgical resection.

Metastatic Cancers from other main tumors within the physique tend to be discovered within the lung. Tumors from anyplace within the physique can distribute towards the lungs both from the bloodstream,the lymphatic method, or straight from organs in near proximity towards the lungs.

Breast Cancer: Stop and Think Before You Pink!

Every October we get a nationwide wave of pink ribbon breast cancer awareness products. Even after October it’s pretty difficult to avoid getting the widespread pink ribbon marketing culture in our faces…

The marketing with all those trinkets and status symbol associations has overshadowed the vitally important work needed to address putting an end to the deadly disease.

In spite of vast amounts of cash raised from kind well-meaning fundraisers/donators breast cancer continues to be a major health crisis: Corporations make millions from the disease while not anywhere near enough progress has been made in treatment, prevention and reversal. The figures speak for themselves. Taking the USA as an example, currently some 3 million women have breast cancer. Up to 33% will metastasise (spread to other parts of the body)… and annually some 40,000 women will die in spite of over 20 years of pink ribbon awareness.

-My message for everyone is to think before you pink: I encourage everyone to stop the distraction and focus on the matter at hand, find solutions to put an end to breast cancer.

There are 6 ways in which the pink ribbon culture distracts, preventing real significant progress.

1. It promotes an ’empty awareness’

There are 2 types of awareness. One is an awareness that leads to making a difference. The other is an ’empty awareness’ which makes no difference because it doesn’t lead to taking action and getting significant results. This is what’s happening in the case of pink ribbon marketing and its products. Everyone has been made aware about breast cancer but ultimately nothing has significantly changed in stopping women from getting the disease because mere awareness is not enough to achieve the end goal.

2. Pink ribbon spreads misinformation

Pink ribbon marketing may be promoting disinformation by spreading a major misunderstanding that early detection saves lives. The only real fact that can be said for certain about early detection is that it detects different cancers. Nobody knows at this early stage whether or not the cancer will turn out to be malignant or benign. Another case where pink ribbon campaigns don’t tell the whole truth is the ‘5 year cure rate.’ If the cancer doesn’t return 5 years after treatment the person is signed off as ‘cured.’ However, the cancer may return… but this is not mentioned allowing the stats to be fiddled.

-Both the early detection myth and the stats fiddle allows pink ribbon to manipulate the customer through fear and false undertakings so that more pink ribbon products can be sold.

3. Corporations manipulate people’s emotions; spread fear and give false hope, while exploiting goodwill and concern

This is done by the corporations to make more money from products sales. At the end of the day the corporations benefit from breast cancer far more than the women they help who are at risk. There is much opaqueness and a lack of accountability from corporations regarding fundraising and marketing promotion.

4. Sometimes corporations advertise the pink ribbon on a product that contributes to breast cancer

For example, the pink ribbon has been known to be seen on plastic bottled water. The plastic leeches out a chemical carcinogen know as bisphenol A (BPA)… This is a hypocritical and darkly deceptive piece of marketing. They make the statement ‘we care’ about ending breast cancer only to sell a product that can contribute to it while used to earn customer loyalty.

5. Pink ribbon culture promotes products that can sexualize and degrade women

This can be done by depicting women as nothing more than sex-objects by focussing on the breasts, ignoring the many other diverse aspects that deserve respect in a woman. During the breast cancer campaigns this includes using degrading slogans such as “save the boobies” and “save the ta-tas…” with the fitting accompanying images…

6. Pink ribbon covers up what really goes on when fighting breast cancer

They may give out rare success stories where superficiality is used with carefully chosen pictures showing how a woman ‘fought hard’ to beat breast cancer… The idea behind this is to promote the image of fighting breast cancer in a palatable way, which makes it more profitable. Indeed, this covers up the truth; the harsh reality that fighting breast cancer involves devastation and it is not pretty…

In conclusion

-As I stated earlier my message for everyone is to think before you pink: To encourage everyone to stop the distraction and be it through grassroots activism; making corporations accountable… lobbying your MP… etc… Or educating your family and friends… do this to focus on finding the solutions related to putting an end to breast cancer.

Understanding HRT Pros and Cons

Menopause has left some women unaffected, however the majority of females who experience it are afflicted with terrible symptoms which they long to get rid of. At some time in their life, most women will be interested in researching the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT.

This course of treatment has been chosen by many women to control menopause symptoms. Nevertheless, there are issues to think about. While it may benefit some people, others may feel terribly burdened by HRT. Hormone replacement therapy can increase your risk of getting breast cancer, but at the same time, it is important to help maintain your bone density and help prevent particular types of heart disease. In adding it all up, it may deliver too many side affects which can have a negative effect on a woman’s life.

The symptoms commonly associated with menopause are a result of your body ceasing to produce estrogen. This is why many women utilize HRT to replace lost estrogen and thereby minimize menopause symptoms. However, due to conflicting studies regarding long-term side effects, women find themselves in a challenging position when considering the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy.

When it comes to pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, there are two ways of thinking. Menopause is at times accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms, including night sweats, which sometimes disrupt sleep cycles. Hormonal fluctuations can also cause hot flashes and vaginal dryness. These annoyances can be easily calmed or even eradicated with doctor-prescribed hormone replacement therapy. However, a possible disadvantage of using hormone replacement therapy for some women is the potential of experiencing low energy levels and restricted and/or painful physical movements.

Due to concern over risks of developing cancer, many women choose not to utilize HRT. As a rule, they choose to follow other steps to decrease their danger of osteoporosis and heart illness. Meanwhile, research continues to attempt to establish the efficiency of hormone replacement therapy over the long term.

Once taking into consideration hormone replacement therapy pros and cons, many women and their doctors agree that HRT’s beneficial effects on cardiovascular illness, osteoporosis, and overall quality of life offset the danger of developing cancer. But others are worried about the negative effects that long-term hormone replacement therapy might have. Exercise, avoiding tobacco, eating well, and taking dietary supplements or other medications are frequently the strategies of choice by these women, who choose to lessen the risks of osteoporosis and heart disease more naturally.

Hormone replacement therapy ought to be decided on a case by case basis, with each person choosing what is right for her. Recent developments have indicated that there may be health problems connected with hormone replacement therapy. If you are using a prescription form of HRT, you may decide to go with another alternative, such as a natural form of estrogen. A natural approach that consists of a healthy diet, stress management, and natural progesterone supplementation will ease hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopause symptoms, and may even get rid of them entirely.

7 Misunderstandings About Cancer

When it comes to diagnosis and treatment of cancer there are a number of misunderstandings. These misunderstandings, be them from doctors or patients, can only serve to keep the cancer returning post-treatment if indeed there has not been death. To avoid this it is necessary to identify and act on these misunderstandings. Not an exhaustive account, but here are 7 common misunderstandings about cancer.

1. Early detection saves lives

The claim that early detection saves lives is simply untrue because it is impossible to tell whether or not the cancer will turn out to be benign or malignant. Don’t be fooled or misguided by the early detection myth. For example, Pathologists will tell you that some 30-40 times more cancers; prostate, pancreatic, and thyroid cancers were found during autopsy. These individuals, when alive, never went to the doctors because due to healing abilities their bodies had been able to encapsulate the cancer, rendering it as benign and symptomless.

2. The symptoms are the cause of the illness

Oh no! Many people don’t realize that cancer is only a symptom of some underlying root-cause. In other words cancer is a knock on effect or warning sign and is the body’s way of trying to heal itself… Heal itself of what, did I hear you say? -Read on

3. Treating the symptoms is the cure

No again! Many doctors make this mistake. Yes, it’s important to treat the symptoms but the cancer will eventually return because the underlying root-cause is ignored. This is what is happening when patients are treated using conventional medicine. The root-cause of cancer is nutritional deficiency and toxicity which indeed needs to be addressed to be sure that the patient is cured.

4. Natural cures don’t work

To say that natural cures don’t work is nothing more than disinformation. The medical pharmaceutical establishment don’t want you finding out about inexpensive, natural, non-toxic and non-evasive cures because it undercuts their business, so, to counter this, they spread disinformation through the mass media… Doctors found treating patients with unapproved natural cures could be struck off the list even if the treatment works…

5. Nutrition does not have much of an effect

How doctors, cancer research and people suchlike can basically ignore nutrition, one of the things that makes up our very being truly amazes me. As I’ve been saying in previous articles with backed up evidence cancer is the result of long-term nutritional deficiency and toxicity. Therefore the cancer needs to be addressed by treating the cancer patient with a strict dietary regimen of specific foods and supplements to heal the body as well as detoxification.

6. One day there will be a magic bullet cure for cancer

Many, falling for the cancer research con, think that one day there will be a magic bullet cure for cancer or something like that. Every so often, you see something in mainstream media that promotes the latest drug that could turn out to be the ‘miracle cure’ of the future but nothing ever comes of it. That’s because curing cancer doesn’t work like that. A multi-factorial holistic approach is needed; one that addresses the nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress handling, the mind-body-spirit connection and exercise… to cure the patient.

7. Mobile phone use does not cause cancer

A source that’s often used to support the above misunderstanding is a Dutch study conducted by Patrizia Frei et al in 2011. The study found that mobile phone frequent / heavy use did not cause cancer. However, the study was criticized by Professor Dennis Henshaw et al at Bristol University, pointing out that there had been a number of major flaws in the study. This was ignored by mainstream media.

Some studies such as those conducted by Yaniv Hamzany and colleagues at Tel-Aviv University (2013) concluded that long-term frequent / heavy mobile phone use was harmful and could cause cancer. Also, a Swedish study headed by Stefan Lonn published in the American Journal of Epidemiology(2005) found that long-term frequent / heavy mobile phone use for 2 plus hours each day meant a 250-1 greater chance of getting brain cancer.

Then there’s the 2012 Bio-Initiative report that puts any doubts laid to rest. This documents 1000’s of pages of primary source studies, showing harmful effects…

-I hope that this has given the reader some insights and the want to make further enquiries.

5 Ways Colon Cleansing Can Prevent Colon Cancer

The typical colon can hold bacteria and be a host to numerous parasites and toxins. If left alone, these toxins can create an environment that is conducive to cancer. Colon cleansing can effectively remove these bacteria, parasites and toxins so that the colon functions properly. Keeping the colon clear and free of debris can help the body dispose of waste quickly and thus help reduce the chance of cancer.

Colon cleansing can be a great start to a clean and healthy colon. Once you cleanse your colon you need to make dietary changes that will help keep the colon working properly. This includes avoiding processed foods and those with additives as well as increasing the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

1. Removing bacteria from the colon

Cleansing helps to eliminate the host of bad bacteria that often accumulate in a colon. When waste is not eliminated quickly it can turn putrid and become a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria can then be re-absorbed into the system causing health problems and possibly cancer.

2. Removing toxins that accumulate in the colon and are absorbed back into the body

Toxins come from many dietary sources. One of the most common ways is through eating processed foods and those with chemical additives and preservatives. Colon cleansing washes away these toxins to prevent them from remaining in the system where they can cause problems and lead to cancer or other colon disease.

3. Removing mucous buildup

Mucous can build up on the inner lining of the colon. This mucous can make it impossible for nutrients to be properly absorbed through the colon lining. Mucous can also contribute to improper colon function. The colon cannot properly expel waste when thick mucous is blocking it from working well.

4. Removing parasites

The colon can be home to many toxins, bacteria and even parasites. Parasites and their eggs and larvae are often present in the human colon. While this doesn’t pose a problem under normal circumstances for those with weakened immune systems or those with other diseases the parasites can cause disease.

5. Allowing for frequent bowel movements

By quickly eliminating waste from the body it does not stay stagnant allowing toxins and bacteria to build up. Instead, frequent elimination keeps the colon clean and healthy and protects it from waste that stays too long in the system.

The Fact About Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer starts in the cells of the cervix. The cervix is the narrow, lower part of the uterus (or womb). It is the passageway that connects the uterus to the vagina.

The cervix is part of a womans reproductive system. It makes mucus that helps sperm move from the vagina into the uterus or keeps sperm from entering the uterus. Every month during your menstrual period blood flows from the uterus through the cervix into the vagina. During pregnancy, the cervix is closed to keep the baby inside the uterus. During childbirth, the cervix opens (dilates) so that the baby can pass through the vagina.

Before cervical cancer develops, the cells of the cervix start to change and become abnormal. These abnormal cells are precancerous, meaning that they are not cancer. Precancerous changes to the cervix are called dysplasia of the cervix (or cervical dysplasia).

Dysplasia of the cervix is not cancer. It is a common precancerous change that can develop into cancer if it isnt treated. It is important to know that most women with dysplasia do not develop cancer.

Most women have regular cervical screening with a smear test or liquid-based cytology. The screening is designed to find early changes in the cells of the cervix, so that treatment can be given to prevent a cancer from developing. Although the aim of cervical screening is to prevent cancer, it can also sometimes detect a cancer that has already developed, before any symptoms occur.

Cancer of the cervix can take many years to develop. Before it does, changes occur in the cells of the cervix. These abnormal cells are not cancerous, and are called cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN). Some doctors call these changes pre-cancerous. This means that the cells might develop into cancer in some women if they are not treated. It is important to know that most women with CIN do not develop cancer.

CIN is usually the result of a virus infection: the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a very common virus that can affect the cells of the cervix. It is mainly passed on during sexual intercourse. Most women who have had sexual intercourse will have the virus at some time in their life. However, in many women their immune system will get rid of the virus and they won’t even know they had it.

Recently several research trials have looked at using vaccines to prevent HPV infection. The results seem to show that in future, it will be possible to vaccinate young women against the high-risk types of HPV and so prevent most cases of cervical cancer.

CIN that might develop into cancer can be treated in various ways. The aim of any treatment is to remove or destroy all of the affected cells. This can be done using surgery, where the affected area of the cervix is removed by large loop excision (LLETZ) or cone biopsy. Instead, the affected areas can be destroyed by laser therapy, or using heat (cold coagulation). These procedures are usually carried out in an outpatient clinic and may be done by doctors or specialist nurses.

Time To Put Your Colorectal Treatment Fears And Embarrassment At Rest

No wonder then that most of the people who are afflicted with colorectal maladies often ignore the twinges or other symptoms and refuse to speak up about the problem. That is till the pain gets excruciatingly intolerable…..

Alas, even then the colorectal issues are often met with sniggers and snorts that humiliate the poor sufferer no end. Even the medical field is marked by a conspicuous lack of empathy and consideration for the ‘victims’.

To fill this gaping need, Dr. Abhay Chopada – an expert colorectal surgeon London – established Gastro Surgery UK with the paramount aim to render compassionate and considerate care for all kinds of embarrassing colorectal and abdominal issues. Gastro Surgery UK is backed by an efficient team of committed professionals who assure competent and caring colorectal treatment to all patients.

Dr. Abhay Chopada himself is a highly accomplished and renowned colorectal surgeon London who has been lauded by the Tatler Magazine in their Doctor’s Guide 2013 as one of the top surgical gastroenterologist in UK for his clinical expertise in colorectal surgery. He had been accorded the same distinction in the year 2007 as well.

Dr. Abhay Chopada and his team have extensive experience in a range of gastrointestinal and colorectal diseases. They operate in a network of hospitals like BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital, Harrow, BMI Bishops Wood Hospital, Northwood, BMI Syon Clinic, Brentford, BUPA Cromwell Hospital, Earls’ Court, Hospital of St John’s and St Elizabeth, St. John’s Wood and Spire Bushey Hospital, Watford. All these hospitals are well-equipped with state of the art equipment and technology to solve all kinds of bowel problems and surgical conditions with superlative care and service.

The website is extremely user-friendly as well. There is an ‘Ask a Question’ link which facilitates direct emails to Dr. Abhay Chopada’s email account. Else, patients can choose to fill up an ‘Online Ref Form’ while specifying their particular requests or even request a ‘Call Me Back’, that too within specific hours as per their convenience.

Coming to the types of colorectal treatment, Gastro Surgery UK extends thoughtful care and cure for all kinds of problems ranging from the common flatulence, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea to piles, fissures, polyps and gallstones. There is expert treatment for appendicitis, peptic ulcers, hernia, intestinal adhesions, diverticular disease, pilonidal sinus, collagenous colitis, lymhocytic colitis and even the dreaded cancer in the rectum, colon or anus regions.

The expert team employs a wide range of investigative procedures like colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastroscopy and sigmoidoscopy to delicately narrow down the cause of the bowel or rectal pain. They can proficiently perform various colorectal treatments like haemorrhoidectomy, appendicectomy, hernia surgery, gall bladder surgery and other colorectal surgery with both the traditional open and latest laparoscopic methods.