Time To Put Your Colorectal Treatment Fears And Embarrassment At Rest

No wonder then that most of the people who are afflicted with colorectal maladies often ignore the twinges or other symptoms and refuse to speak up about the problem. That is till the pain gets excruciatingly intolerable…..

Alas, even then the colorectal issues are often met with sniggers and snorts that humiliate the poor sufferer no end. Even the medical field is marked by a conspicuous lack of empathy and consideration for the ‘victims’.

To fill this gaping need, Dr. Abhay Chopada – an expert colorectal surgeon London – established Gastro Surgery UK with the paramount aim to render compassionate and considerate care for all kinds of embarrassing colorectal and abdominal issues. Gastro Surgery UK is backed by an efficient team of committed professionals who assure competent and caring colorectal treatment to all patients.

Dr. Abhay Chopada himself is a highly accomplished and renowned colorectal surgeon London who has been lauded by the Tatler Magazine in their Doctor’s Guide 2013 as one of the top surgical gastroenterologist in UK for his clinical expertise in colorectal surgery. He had been accorded the same distinction in the year 2007 as well.

Dr. Abhay Chopada and his team have extensive experience in a range of gastrointestinal and colorectal diseases. They operate in a network of hospitals like BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital, Harrow, BMI Bishops Wood Hospital, Northwood, BMI Syon Clinic, Brentford, BUPA Cromwell Hospital, Earls’ Court, Hospital of St John’s and St Elizabeth, St. John’s Wood and Spire Bushey Hospital, Watford. All these hospitals are well-equipped with state of the art equipment and technology to solve all kinds of bowel problems and surgical conditions with superlative care and service.

The website www.gastrosurgery.co.uk is extremely user-friendly as well. There is an ‘Ask a Question’ link which facilitates direct emails to Dr. Abhay Chopada’s email account. Else, patients can choose to fill up an ‘Online Ref Form’ while specifying their particular requests or even request a ‘Call Me Back’, that too within specific hours as per their convenience.

Coming to the types of colorectal treatment, Gastro Surgery UK extends thoughtful care and cure for all kinds of problems ranging from the common flatulence, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea to piles, fissures, polyps and gallstones. There is expert treatment for appendicitis, peptic ulcers, hernia, intestinal adhesions, diverticular disease, pilonidal sinus, collagenous colitis, lymhocytic colitis and even the dreaded cancer in the rectum, colon or anus regions.

The expert team employs a wide range of investigative procedures like colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastroscopy and sigmoidoscopy to delicately narrow down the cause of the bowel or rectal pain. They can proficiently perform various colorectal treatments like haemorrhoidectomy, appendicectomy, hernia surgery, gall bladder surgery and other colorectal surgery with both the traditional open and latest laparoscopic methods.

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