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Smart phones keep getting smarter. They’re also becoming bigger targets for shoplifters. But rather than concealing your products behind lock and key or with awkward security devices that hinder the shopping experience, it’s important to openly display your cell phones for shoppers to explore. That’s where a dependable power alarm solution from Vanguard comes in.

With our solutions you can prevent theft and let customers make easier buying decisions. That leads to more sales for your stores. That’s because shoppers can test your fully powered high-end cell phone display models as if they weren’t attached to an alarm system at all!  

Let customers make good decisions

Most security systems don’t allow customers to fully engage with different cell phone display models. But before making a purchase they can be sure of, shoppers want to test certain features, such as the phone’s:

  • Keyboard (QWERTY vs. touch-screen)
  • Programmable shortcuts
  • Media player
  • Camera
  • Operating system and user interface

Plus, many customers want to feel the phone’s shape as they hold it in their hand. They want to see for themselves exactly how it opens and folds back into its compact position. Many cell-phone shoppers even want to make a test call.

With a power alarm system from Vanguard, your cell phone shoppers can do all these things – without compromising the security of your products. And letting customers make informed decisions as they shop for phones often leads to more sales for your stores.

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Ready to boost cell phone sales and prevent theft in your stores? Simply fill out the form to your right or call us at +971 4 8868006. And if yours is a unique need, ask us about our custom solutions to fit your exact specifications!

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                                  Dubai  06days

Dep      26 Dec ,  29 Dec ,19 Jan, 26 Jan, 02 Feb
From   Cochin/Trivandrum

                Main Attractions

          See the picturesque Jumeriah
          Pass by the Madinath Jumeriah
                        The Palm Island
                         Dubai Creek

         Experience the Dancing  Fountain

        Experience the Thrilling Desert Safari
       Experience the Fabulous Abudhabi City
    Enjoy the barbeque dinner in the desert & Belly dance

   Free time for the wonderful shopping experience

Visit the Global Village –  The  famous Shopping Festival Area

Stop at the Burj Al Arab for Photos

The fascinating dinner Cruise in Marina

Visit the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Emirates Mall shopping extravaganza


How you can add cardio to your workout

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Cardio workout routines can offer a great deal of fantastic added benefits to the well-being. It really is pleasant to the heart, it improves muscle mass, it burns fats, it will increase your metabolism, it strengthens your immune process, and it improves your psychological well-being. With all these, there is certainly no reason why you will need to not be engaging within this form of exercise.

Even so, a great deal of individuals come across it difficult to add this form of exercise to their workout program. But what they don’t know is usually that a single day time that they can be not undertaking this makes them miss a great deal of added benefits towards the body. For that reason, if you’re one with the many individuals who are not yet including cardio to their routines, here are some pointers to assist you get started:

* Without a doubt to strolling. A basic stroll can currently be regarded a cardio exercise. For that reason, carry some time day-to-day to stretch your legs and ft for even a quick stroll. As an example, if you usually carry an elevator or escalator for one or two flooring distances, decide to carry the stairs instead. Carrying out this day-to-day can do wonders for the well-being. Even so, bear in mind to stroll the correct way using notice of the way you swing your arms and the way you raise your knees.

* No to seated. Performing in an workplace will not excuse you from strolling from time to time. Even when you’re confined in your workplace chair, get up each and every hour and stroll to have some mineral water in the pantry. Setup your alarm so that you just will never overlook about your need to say goodbye in your chair even for your couple of minutes. Carrying out this from time to time will support lower your tiredness.

* Depend your actions. It really is currently stated that strolling is really a beneficial cardio exercise. Even so, this will usually seem boring to you. For that reason, grab a factor counter and depend your actions towards the day time. As significantly as you possibly can, keep at the least 1,000 actions daily in your case to make sure beneficial well-being out of what you’re undertaking. To create this additional enjoyable, reward on your own for your successful day time or inquire a close friend being in the competitiveness with you.

* Levels up your health club program. In case you assume it can be feasible in your case to meet the above-pointed out workout routines, add a cardio session into your standard health club program. A 30-minute treadmill strolling or working can do the trick in your case. Or, use the stationary bike towards the very same purpose too.

* Start out smaller. Because you’re within the process of including cardio exercise on your own program, get started for approximately 10 or 15 minutes each and every day time. Then, add 5 minutes additional weeks time right after weeks time until finally you’re snug undertaking this for 30 minutes each day.

It really is beneficial to know that you’ve a great deal of options when it comes to including cardio exercise on your own workout. A 30 minutes session each day will never harm you compared to the dozens of added benefits this certain form of exercise can do in your well-being. Therefore, it can be not very late yet in your case. Start out including cardio on your own program for your wholesome life style and beneficial well-being forward.

To find the best elliptical for home use visit this website site at treadmill reviews. You can also find more articles with tips on using minneapolis smooth treadmills for health benefits and weight loss.