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When I started this article I wanted to introduce to my clients the latest trends and ideas. In the last couple of year the hospitality industry has gone through quite a few changes. When I started writing this article Victoria’s was my main focus. I would like to change that focus to romance and amore.

As I mentioned in previous articles I have orchestrated over 1500 weddings. Creating what I hope was their memories for a lifetime.

I would like to quote what a preacher friend of mine said to my bride and groom. “Do you remember why you are celebrating this special day? That you are both in love and marrying your best friend?” With that said, he promised to marry them only if they took time out of their hectic schedule before rehearsal to focus on their love.

Having lived through seven daughters and planning their weddings and lived through it; I kept reminding them of the romance and amore of their wedding day. Not to focus on the trivial items.

Having a beautiful venue and great cuisine for your family and friends and having complete confidence in your event planner and that he or she will take your dreams to the next level.

My team and I will take care of your stress by working with vendors and organizing every detail.

What more could you ask for than to have your greatest friends and family be present while watching the beautiful sunset on the most romantic day of your life!

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