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meditation gardens at the Church of the Calling Stones have been created
to assist individuals to change and heal their lives while they become
more aware of their connection with Prime Source. Holding the garden image
on your computer monitor will put you in touch with the energy of the
gardens. Blessings!

Aspects of God


Zen garden has become a powerful focal point used much by the angelic
and guardian teachers. The photos shown here represent records of there
visual presence. A most unusual gift that is not visible to most with
our slow and untrained eye.

God’s Radiance

Three Aspects of God Moving On.


adding enlarged photos to our web site, we found that the shaft of light
in the Zen meditation garden emanates a profound connecting to three different
groups of guidance. For you to see this, the photo will have to remain
large. The circle at the top of the page, in the clouds with slight red
flag, represents angelic forces giving guidance to you on your life work.
The brown circle with the rainbow in the center is about grounding in
your spiritual guidance within you. The third green circle, just to the
right, and below the brown circle, represents connecting with your greater
consciousness. We recommend that you print out the photo, if it does not
print for you, sit in front of it on your computer screen while meditating
and connecting by your intent. Enjoy the presence and love of God messengers!




Star Labyrinth represents our relationship to all that is. While walking
it, it heightens our awareness with family, self, loved one, community,
God and our universe. The standing stones represent each of these aspects.
The center stone and star represents our relationship to this universe.

The Star Labyrinth brings about dramatic changes in couples understanding
of their personal connection
when they walk it together.
* The photo of the labyrinths may be a powerful focus for you in meditating
on your relationship
to self and others.


trails are interspersed with gardens for meditation.

are some of the views for your Meditative Insight.

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