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Smart phones keep getting smarter. They’re also becoming bigger targets for shoplifters. But rather than concealing your products behind lock and key or with awkward security devices that hinder the shopping experience, it’s important to openly display your cell phones for shoppers to explore. That’s where a dependable power alarm solution from Vanguard comes in.

With our solutions you can prevent theft and let customers make easier buying decisions. That leads to more sales for your stores. That’s because shoppers can test your fully powered high-end cell phone display models as if they weren’t attached to an alarm system at all!  

Let customers make good decisions

Most security systems don’t allow customers to fully engage with different cell phone display models. But before making a purchase they can be sure of, shoppers want to test certain features, such as the phone’s:

  • Keyboard (QWERTY vs. touch-screen)
  • Programmable shortcuts
  • Media player
  • Camera
  • Operating system and user interface

Plus, many customers want to feel the phone’s shape as they hold it in their hand. They want to see for themselves exactly how it opens and folds back into its compact position. Many cell-phone shoppers even want to make a test call.

With a power alarm system from Vanguard, your cell phone shoppers can do all these things – without compromising the security of your products. And letting customers make informed decisions as they shop for phones often leads to more sales for your stores.

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