When is the wait …too long?

So I was asked if I was always a cheerleader for customer service…..hmmmm….let me think about that.

Born and raised in a small town in North Central Texas, Graham to be exact …gateway to the Lake Country.  I was given a work ethic from my father and a strong since of Pride.

“The only thing we ever own is our name Sis (my nickname) ..we own nothing else”  My dad was a driller in the oil field at a time when the pumps stopped pumping. This was the early 80s.

Some of you may remember.


When the entire economy of Texas went dry and we wondered what would happen next. I was a little girl, but I remember…   hearing my mom praying in her closest.

My sisters were asleep and my brother was too. I wasn’t.

And hearing those sobs and calls to an unseen God scared the hell out of me. I was 6 years old.

Why does any of this matter? Why am I telling you any of this….because I learned about customer service through those hard times.

My mom worked until her fingers ached from ironing the “rich” peoples clothes at night, after a full day of scrubbing their houses.  My dad took a second , then a third, then a fourth job. Hauling trash out of yards. Pulling weeds, and yes…looking for aluminum cans.  I have stories of climbing into dumpsters and pulling out the cans…I laugh at that now….Goodness, when I was 9 years old….I thought I was rich!  I would find a can and think…this is worth at least a penny….so it would motivate me to find another.

Lord, I remember going to a job with my dad, and pulling Cane. Bo, my brother, he was made to pick up the piles and throw over the cliff. And Boy was it HOT. Summers are unforgiving in North Texas — but I kept thinking, “if this keeps my mom from ever crying like that —- lets do this!”

My siblings figured out what customer service is as well.        

  We all did.        I know we did. 

Tosha is a waitress. Crystal is a hairdresser. Bo, just like dad, works in the field.

There is nothing wrong with hard work. There is nothing wrong with sweat. There is no shame in being a server. Where did we as a culture forget that serving each other contained extreme value? There is no shame in cleaning rooms, mowing a field, cleaning a toilet. There is No shame in taking a tray of food to a weary traveler or local in your restaurant. There is no shame in taking reservations.

And Customer service….its a two way street!

I sat in a restaurant for over 58 minutes for a cheeseburger. I wondered to myself as I watched the server slowly take 2 cups off the tables around me at a time and walk back to the kitchen. No tray in her hand. No friendly conversation when she was cleaning ….I mean there were only 4 tables sat during this lunch…..

Do you want me to continue?

“YES Please!” “NO! Stop this madness ! “

My drink was never refilled. Nor was I asked to have it refilled. I watched others around me sit with their phones and play video games while the person across from them clicked on Facebook Notifications.

So………….. since customer service is a two way street, I figured , lets strike up a conversation…You would have thought I was about to yell FIRE in a Theatre!

My burger finally came at minute number 59 and the cheese was not even melted. EEWWW…….

So, my question is this….How long is too long to wait? And why didn’t I just leave?

Haven’t we all been there? Just remaining in that seat, because we are hoping any minute….it will get better.

That is why I spotlight Maverick Inn….because every member of the team owns that hotel and wants to be successful. I went by during a busy time…just to check on the environment of staff. Calm. Collected. Friendly and helpful.

Thanks for reading today and I really hope to hear from you…just affirms I’m not alone, and maybe…just maybe, I’m doing something good for the traveler and


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Lucinda green clinic

6:06am, Monday 6th of February 2012, by Simone Kann

No competitions this weekend..but some great schooling with Lucinda Green and Andrew McClean clinic here at our place yesterday and today.Last night we were entertaned by Lucinda with a video of Badminton…interesting getting inside information. Today Andrew has a dressage master class here which will be very interesting to watch. Tess Anaderson and Alex Muir working students had fantastic lessons yesterday with Lucinda as well as Nicole McGivern who was then sent to the naughty box by Lucinda and had dressage lesson from Andrew McClean.

It is buzzing with excitement and to make it even more hectic the Ballandean(which is a pony club event of different pony clubs……..i have worked out that they basically gallop around the farm and play games on the ponys…..which are all shapes and sizes) is also on here today.Our horses are getting very broken in to the outside world….without even leaving their paddocks.

We have had a busy weekend for us teaching(as we dont normally do alot!!!!)We have the pleasure of Nicola Peat here for the month and  Sam and Nicola Felton staying for a few days.

Nrm Cruising Time has been sold to our American working student Isabel Turner, they now have their sights set on Taupo CCI.

Balmoral Montgomery has a owner, Natasha Slavich has just bought a half share in this exciting new horse and we hope Tash enjoys coming out and about to watch him at the shows.

Paddy arrives home this week from The Smiths Dressage and Anne Vestergaurd(our Denmark working student) will go on ratation to replace Paddy for 3 weeks.

Northland dressage this weekendwith Donna’s upper level horses having thier first outing for the season and my team of 4 year olds having a play day. Knightly Venture will also compete and practising his new discipline of being a dressage pony.

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I am a man of 68 years at BHP and frequent urination during the night. I took one tablet of 4 mg of tamsulosin (Flomax), and 15 minutes I had a swollen face, itchy, blocked sinuses, and difficulty breathing. An allergic reaction obvious, and I knew to throw the poison and low flomax price. I could barely breathe, and my wife made me use a nasal spray to open my sinuses. I started to feel dizzy when getting up from his bed, and later in the week, I had what appeared to be pneumonia. All this in a dose of bad! I can not believe that there are positive signs and the positive feedback of this drug should be …. drug company cronies. Stay away from this stuff …. not worth the side effects, let alone everything that I experienced.

Flomax price. Flomax for 6 weeks before I had experienced urgency to urinate, dribbling, low flow rate. Flomax in a day of departure, it was like magic – I noticed the speed increase, no dribbling, no urgency to urinate, urinating less frequent. Also, I noticed that the muscles in my groin area seemed more relaxed. I did not notice if it is an unwanted side effect, dry mouth. I have to talk much to the work, and a couple of times I’ve had a dry mouth and difficulty speaking.

It worked very well at improving urinary flow, and entered into force in two weeks, but during the second month of use, I developed a severe reaction that looked very similar to seborrhoeic eczema. He started the rectum and groin, genitals, armpits, back of ears, and scalp. Order Flomax for four or five months and most but not all, of the reaction deleted. I’m back on Flomax for 1 month and at the end of a reaction began to return. He paused for a good hour. Too bad – he worked on the set problem.

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You are here:Home>Prescription Drug Addiction – A Problem of the Youth and the Elderly

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Ativan is the brand name of lorazepam, a prescription medication which belongs to a family of drugs called benzodiazepines. Lorazepam is a Schedule IV controlled substance, which means that it has a rather low addictive potential. Surprisingly, many people are getting hooked on Ativan. If the medication is not highly addictive, how come individuals are […]

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Namedroppers anonymous

Even more numerous than Strangers with Candy, namedroppers roam the streets of New York like rats roam the subway. They come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of affluence, but all are some of the most pathetically desperate people I have ever met. If New York is crawling with them, I don’t even want to imagine what L.A. is like. The worst case I have ever encountered is one of this namedropper/pathological liar I met while waiting in line for the bathroom at a bar. Throughout our conversation, he claimed to be many things: Snooki’s brother, the friend of a professional surfer, and lastly the son of the guy who owns the New York Giants. After calling him out on all of these ridiculous claims, I decided to seriously call him out on the last one. A guy my friends and I were at the bar with conveniently happened to work for the NFL. So I said, “See that guy over there? He works for the NFL. Why don’t you introduce yourself? In fact, I’ll introduce you.” I called him over and told him who this clown claimed to be. The two began yelling at each other as the guy who worked for the NFL asked the namedropper repeatedly for his father’s name. Having been in the same box as the real Giants owner many times, he quickly called him out.

What a loser! Namedropping even when it is factual, goes against everything a true socialite stands for. It is in bad taste to namedrop the celebrities or high-powered people you associate with in hopes that their allure will rub off on you. A true friend of a celebrity respects their privacy and sees them not for their status, but for the people they really are. If you are truly on a first name basis with the rich and famous, it is bound to come out eventually without you ever having to say anything. You will be admired even more for seemingly thinking nothing of your elite affiliations. Remember, socialites are first and foremost trendsetters. Never depend on someone else’s name to make you socially relevant when your name has the potential of being so much greater.

(c) Vicky Sullivan Originally posted on The Aspiring Socialite. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Vicky unless otherwise noted.

Mbtxiaoxiao’s blog

clearing barefeet shoes

At that time, the creditor has become such debt collection every door potluckIn my husband and I and the stalled when the relationship, dad’s diabetes serious, people are no appearanceAfter marriage, my parents and I go between is confined to holiday back to see She can’t do not buy, because, niang ate meat milk fat, also I urge to calves sample strong It is said to have sold in town, about 200 yuan, he studied a lot of method still didn’t get the money”But, happiness is and we confront temporarily gave a father, a kung fu, and used suffer leave Slowly the sensitive and selfish, breed is such, let me start escape him everywhere’s favor” I just never stomach thread to rose Looking at her contemptuous eyes and high head, he leaps to station, raised his hand”Maybe I really have not found, he actually can do many things, give me hello medicine, comb, washing, feet, help me slowly learning to walk He thousand shouldn’t million shouldn’t let you see Soon after, my sister and I had a long talk, she said my pedigreeJust before I leave to pack dad my house, are ready bare foot shoes to move past lives, my mother because excessive sad and overworked, sudden cerebral infarction My tuition became a beautiful tree serious burden, her struggle to make ends meetI have a mom, and niang My sister and I discussed, I can temporarily to stay, but like mum that the life cannot provide for oneself, need to find a nanny came to serve Every time when I see him lying in bed is not look, my tears fall to unbearable, heart was glad, I got more than sister father And I, but cunning use of their the diaphragm, so as to avoid his various censure and demanding, and the grass around large wither; A show-off children, in a top sang The same lookMom from leaving the family settled in my mother, mama said, niang her family stinkBeautiful tree is a very ordinary woman, in a listless in the factory, a person do accounting floating on the city, even the small house in this shelter is rentedRick is the senior German television talk show host, although 50 years old, but steady typhoons and humorous language makes him a German love host Wife face heavy than mom was also heavy, don’t say shouldn’t pick niang, but blame I always do GongMen meat, saying it’s junk foodGrandma didn’t ask if he isn’t really stolen three uncle home money but QiGuGu ground say: jia jia, no matter what others say, grandma believe you Often in the river walk, hard to avoid is not wet shoesDuring the trip, you for a while and said fingernails grow, while and said the itching, I’m looking for nail clippers, found dig earwax spoon, but also on the buy you find the toilet water that this house? Not empty? Who will live?” I say: “you baby can live!”She smug against three: a interest, “oh, I know, so my baby died, my baby baby can also live!” I nodded reluctantly, she just relieved Son suddenly embrace mom, said: “I saw a father, father smiled at me!” Mom just smiled, nodded, wordless tell son, she also saw, she also very happy!What kind of romance is more real moving, the more astounding? We see more candlelight dinner and rose, but we are not for moving, the heart won’t because of love but produce gratitudeAfter marriage, my parents and I go between is confined to holiday back to see Go door to door knocking at the door, in other strange alienated from the eyes, extremely proud very loudly said, I had a baby daughter, 6 jins 6 two, six o ‘clock in the morning, the most auspicious time! But there are still, in his turned and walked away, said, but is a accept the ragged, perhaps this girl will inherited his career? So, he never are quickly forgotten The magic of 10 good thingDerby buy vibram five fingers absolute surprisingly, he’s actually helped Germany renowned show host, and became Germany beings grams of celebrity Finally he came over, want to hug me, but feels unwell, the only one of the beautiful bag in his hand, said handed yy, that take you into the city, you always noisy to this bag, this time give you bought, in the city, and a good study, don’t grudge, dad give you regularly send moneyMama, with niang said broken it10 good thing produces magical, changed rick, his depression so miraculously A sunny Sunday, I accompany yali came home It is said to have sold in town, about 200 yuan, he studied a lot of method still didn’t get the money3I began to every other week, can received a letter from him, ask, pour out with me about everythingA few years later, with the help of his friends, I opened his own car XiuLiPu, business is good, the day also more and more better” bird flew”But, mother god, you should be long long before god, how to find me?””I’ll cloud cloud to door ask: are you my mother? If you heard, it must not ignore me Niang always said the city of cloth good-looking Excited children before from Windows replaced, his mother still stare blankly on Windows edge Today, we changed a, you also once worried about: a girl, how convenient take care of an old man? Now, you total should understand! I, not only is the small cotton-padded jacket, my mother is as your chest that layer of cotton, warm warm heart lung doing your little cotton-padded jacketUnder a rain this afternoon, comes back from work not their father, his wife immediately fire emit three zhangs, temper today I stepped forward one step, stooped down, opened the door and serve father sat got into the car, he shut the door for another Our table between them, sitting face-to-face zhang smoky, we all don’t talk Do you like to go out BanBanZhengZheng dressed, proudly cracking: look at this material well, grid to buy me, hundreds of!What time do you changed? Old mama walked, you become very love sleeping, sleep and ran a sleep, always like sleepy Take him to give me milk, hands shaking drink less than mouth But I know he smile, is full of love for me And I, but cunning use of their the diaphragm, so as to avoid his various censure and demanding Sometimes he also would walk my tongue, gently to wipe away the food scraps, then embrace me outside to wash your hands Mother figure at the light is incredibly somewhat rickets According to the customs, to hometown neighbors sent dye eggs have segong is colourful Soon after, my sister and I had a long talk, she said my pedigree I fell in love with the most no adjustable manTwo days later, eating you do giant yucky sour pickled cabbage powder I tell you that I broke up with himLiving in the world, to live in the city, and live in officialdom in many people, I had waist, bend before open the door for many people, but never open the door for father bent ” Father paused for a moment and said: “bee sugar for gastropathy, you remember, early in the morning a night drink a spoon; she is people who use their brains more, walnut powder brain; appetite, thin, grandson to he bought the spleen cake, eat appetizersI drove out to the country, the niang helped out: niang, clearing barefeet shoes the son home go”They face two reconciled face posted on his cheek, love Jane two rows of tears shedI drove out to the country, the niang helped out: niang, clearing the son home go” bird flew”But, mother god, you should be long long before god, how to find me?””I’ll cloud cloud to door ask: are you my mother? If you heard, it must not ignore meThen I will follow mother, went to the county, and quickly in uncle’s help, the best county primary schoolsIn the supermarket doorway, I stopped by two security guards, they say I barefoot running shoes stole the supermarket things Ugly what relations, the key is to love me I just never stomach thread to roseReally, it is moment, let one second, was completed T79 T91 and meet momentPerhaps you will say, I am not love you, but I believe, one day you will understand, I love you very much, but I give you love, has been so quiet, so, do not make public Sometimes we occasionally from books looked up and smiled at one another This I inherited your glorious tradition Occasionally he would argue with others in a loud voice, saying, this is my natural baby daughter, with what say to pick up? !Passers-by to see him, and smile, so partners who are getting serious about 1: you do mutter grandpa is still about, so old Slowly the sensitive and selfish, breed is such, let me start escape him everywhere’s favor She says, there is my I listened, cook sarcasm way, pack what pure, your daughter is so big, also thinks he is a rich princess? I don’t care about your burden so heavy, willing and hello, is already highly of you By ignore I knew because he seldom to fondle big strong, he would rather come back for a cup of tea, riffled through my composition, is also not willing to stir it This I inherited your glorious tradition Fortunately, surgery well enough, you’re not a blood transfusion, years of delivery, wiring job let you practice the TieJiaZi physique, plus you cheerful mood, surgery quickly recoveredRick is the senior German television talk show host, although 50 years old, but steady typhoons and humorous language makes him a German love hostThree years for the first time in her life and death issues He is old, not like young as for our yellingI am lying down, accept the doctor back-and-forth examination, the doctor diagnosed me for green Barry syndrome, but I still expect, this is just a nightmare, will soon I woke up and comforts himself Mother figure at the light is incredibly somewhat rickets10 good thing produces magical, changed rick, his depression so miraculously Old mama left, you love to cry For my tuition, he still trample over city each has the garbage can be found in the corner Today is his birthday, his father 45 years old mom and want to give papa a birthday gift, so, deliberately do barefoot shoes this train, the hope can and his father drove the train meet, one glance at his dadWhen the wheel drive to hometown, dusty, it rained heavily, the whole sky overcast piece I never look back at him, as he left a lonely, but also doesn’t go upstairs and see that also don’t like stepfather Although side classmates and friends and not so and alienated or laugh him, but he always feel every who knows him laugh at him as a criminal son Positive measures to freed place, the doorbell rang, father stood at the door – wet hair on the wrinkles the forehead, squalid pine bark the same laptop with a plastic bags best barefoot running shoes At this moment, beautiful tree came out from the crowd, she said, beauty elim, you this wench, mother temporary missing, you will bring calamityyou tried to KouXiao mouth a few big niang to leave the bone” I stretched out arm, back into the corridorDance to grow happily, as if to forget the topic, arrived at the age of five, she again “old words again”That day, I was driving a car, pian-pian excited to talk to me about the princess huanzhu opinion: “see, I swallow cockfight soul, tremble” From your sincere words, I have heard thy shame and era, you do not know is that, if you don’t admit mistakes before, mom inner remorse and unrest, is tearing each other how tightly and entangling!What you expect rewards, again become colorful bubbles in the air to waft several applet, finally abreaction disappear A little color TV set is mom only partners, idle be alarmed, she even played for me weave sweater, actually south weather basically needless wear sweatersOut of the supermarket, beautiful tree went east, I follow suit to follow her” Derby shake to say: “if you can help 10 people who need help, is to my biggest thank!” Rick don’t understand ground to ask: “but you really don’t need anything?” Derby laugh and shook her head refusedSurgery soon, professor out said: “unfortunately, right, is stitched or signature continue operation?” The dense accident revealing the ferocious face, and consequences words completely conceit intense cold pervaded I be ashamed, and I am not a princess, I am little pigsThe crowd gradually cleared, beauty the tree said, you go home! I shook his head, and nodded his head Mother of my attitude than before a little better, let me also can a little comfort By ignore I knew because he seldom to fondle big strong, he would rather come back for a cup of tea, riffled through my composition, is also not willing to stir it But he several times, they found from shrinking the gap while he left his bag, then peep, smile I metal gray face back home, and you are still waiting for my reward irretrievablyFather determined to go, he said he miss house on the edge of the pond, miss came into the opening by field, miss the string with him the big black string hezekiah his dog Tie looks like a BanMaSuo, but his every clasp button the very neat, tie also played very like appearance, he said quietly: “mom, you now see clear? I’m a grown woman Our life together so many years, she and I actually has nothing I ride on the day of admission, he ran the tricycle, others in decades, came to see me the mountain Mama to encourage niang of capable, dig out their old clothes to niang Later, because mothers prevent too strict stolen, he and street bad boy together the money, mother grabbed classmate to police station led through him several times later, desperate, and decided to send him far away my grandmother’s house From that on, I began to realize that in my eyes always tough mother also have fragile helpless time, she, also just a father knees daughter They see his eyes like the thief, he thick-skinned, don’t care, braved they hate the look in the eyes continue staying in the somebody else see TV Often in the river walk, hard to avoid is not wet shoes The son was stood, let mother and the doctor bargaining, continue to play his phoneLast year, she died, I always think: “why our emotional ties than a mother also deep?” For a long time, I understand: we always thought mother love is selfless, and feel at ease ground to enjoy it, but never thought of maternal love is the temperature, you use cold heart to touch it, it’s a low; You use eager to touch it, it will burn more blazing -See her duty member qie qie of look in the eyes, I can’t bear to comfort her complaint, heroic said nothing! Not just a broken mobile phones and 300 pieces? Hard words, my day will earn back! I know that mom won’t believe it, but still say, say that finish turned to work, also do not go out, heard a depressive cryingDad was in the hospital for more than a month, condition began to worsen, is out of control, we are prepared for the worst After his hand, after that the package threw it into the dustbin When the man in the slack niang son to come to my house, carry, carrying rice bean, also carry the family to read aloud to niang Sometimes we occasionally from books looked up and smiled at one anotherOccasionally, he secretly sent some money home, but never more than 200 yuanThe supermarket is quite large, walked two laps, I lostSeveral months later, the nine-year-old Derby, to leave the orphanage near a primary schoolCars drive faster, looked at the father to stay away from this human ignorance of the city more and more far, suddenly had an impulse let my at heart a quiver, couldn’t help Shan however tears under I only care about how a person have a comfortable and happy, and how to pass the college entrance examination that the only wayFood sweet gradually from the kitchenI be nasty be cryingSurgery soon, professor out said: “unfortunately, right, is stitched or signature continue operation?” The dense accident revealing the ferocious face, and consequences words completely conceit intense cold pervaded I was sleeping, the cotton print and cutting the mother, made greatly small HuaBuShan He toiled under the saliva, some gulped said: my parents stammer, university teachers, is At that moment, all around you, in the flow in the afternoon light honey, become quiet, gentle, quiet, beautiful I immediately overwhelmed with emotions” Father said humbly: “do call me move, I can’t move Although my resentment little in disappear, but we will never eliminate bridge the gap between theIn the son’s help, I struggled completed wash gargle You said, you want that kind of sending out apple scent eraser, is what you like fat little bear’s appearance

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Uncategorized archives – aspiring to be and do more in life

As a working model you need a Great Passport.When I first started modeling I was with the “Gilla Roos” agency in York New City. There was a seasoned agent there and her name was Alice . As a young woman in the talent and  beauty industry and especially in “The Big Apple”, having someone looking out for your success is welcome.2-6-2010 5;17;29 PM4for close to a month now.” Buoyed” by the encouragement that I get from Mark J and The Fab Davene as well as the M.K.M.M.A that this  is a refining process!! Just like my “model comp card.” I didn’t have the perfect “passport ” straight out of the gate. It was a refining process . Sometimes you will  find that you  need your passport to go just a few miles further when you didn’t even think that you would need it.Best to have it all refined and up to date.

Trust in Yourself,


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