The french directory

  • The arrangement of the contact information is systematic, not haphazard. With an alphabetically sorted out contact details, the directory assumes a more uniform appearance thereby giving it a neat appearance
  • The online directory allows user to restrict use of their contact information, as allowed by the French IT law. This shows that Annuairepagesblanches respects privacy of individuals and demand of law. Providing this freedom prevents telebrands and advertising agencies from unnecessarily pestering individuals and businesses.
  • The directory being online must not remain oblivious to the rising importance of e-mail ids and other ids from various social networking websites like skype and Facebook and therefore, the directory updates such information in the database as well.
  • At annuairepagesblanches, the contact details are updated with every minor change in the computer base.
  • The directory, unlike search engines like google, is more specific and refined in searches.

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