Accommodations rome

accommodations rome Abana is a wonderful accomodation in Rome, Italy.
Situated in the hearth of the eternal city offers single, double, triple e quadruple
rooms all with private bathrooms and a/c. Tv color and all the comforts for
an accommodations rome incredible stay. At the start of the staying: payment
and registration.
B&B accepts only cash payments.
At the start of the stay we give 3 keys: 1) Building door 2) Apartment door
3) Room door accommodations rome.
Keys must be handed back at the end of the stay. Keys lost: 20 Euros.
How to open/close doors: 1) Black gate on the street: always open accommodations
rome. 2) Building door: open with small key. 3) Apartment door: open with the
long key on the top lock and turn clockwise. Every time you enter or go out
to the apartment, accommodations rome please lock the door. 4) Please close
the door room every time you go out.
Opening time of Abana b&b: Until 10 AM – After 6 PM
Rules concerning bringing other people in the room: NO permitted.
Breakfast: you can accommodations rome consume in all hours in “Bar Plaza”
(from monday to saturday) and in bar “Chiaroni” the sundays. Both
bars are in piazza Irnerio (exit to the black gate and go to the left – at the
newspaper’s kiosk cross the street and you’ll find on the left “Bar Plaza”
and on the right “Bar Chiaroni”. You can consume breakfast just having
tickets accommodations rome that we give you at the start of the stay.
Cleaness of the room and the bathroom starts at 10 Am. If the guest doesn’t
let the room free before 10 AM we don’t make cleaness for that day.
Sheets and toals change: every 4 days.
accommodations rome Apartment is not equipped by kitchen and telephone.
There is not time limit to accommodations rome come back in the night. Is
strongly forbidden to accommodations rome
disturb the quiet of the building
in every hour of the day.
Any damage to the B&B must be refunded by the guest.
Strongly forbidden throw in the WC accommodations rome objects differents to
toilet paper because wc is equipped by Sanitrix (rubbish disintegrator) that
must be entirely substitute when broken. Actually the price of Sanitrix is 480
Euros and in case of responsability of the guest about breaking, he must pay
the total cost.
Every bathroom is equipped by basket accommodations rome.
We ask, expecially to groups with children, to respect the quiet of the building.
Meals must be consumed out of the B&B.
Check-in time: from 14.00 to 20.00. Arrivals in differet hours: 10 Euros more.
Check-out time: Until 10.30 in the morning accommodations rome. If the guest
lets the room after 10.30, he must pay the price of one day more.
Guest can let his bagages at the entrance of the b&b (compatibly with the
space and availability of the owner). The price of the deposit is 5.00 euros.
The owner consider entirely accepted that regoulations by the guest at the signature
of that document accommodations rome.
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