True blood season 4 episode 12: and when i die

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Watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 12: And When I Die Online. This is the most-awaited season finale of True Blood Season 4. All the excitement, suspense and drama in the previous 11 episode will end in this one amazing finale. The True Blood Season 4 Episode 12 is scheduled to air on Sunday, September 11, 2011 on HBO at 9/8c. This episode is the 48th episode of the entire series.

The loved vampire series will have to say goodbye for its fans for now since the season 4 will end. True Blood Season 4 will have to conclude this Sunday. The vampire series that have been lead by the primary cast Sookie Stackhouse will present the last story of the current season with a thrilling ending. If we can recall, this season have been focusing mainly on magic and witches. Marnie has used magic to bring a bird back to life. As soon as he has realized that it was possible she have an ambition to use it on humans but she needs a vessel and one thing that have crossed her mind are the vampires. The spirit of a witch named Antonia has a nasty plan of using Marnie’s body to be able to take revenge form the vampires that have raped her. She was able to use a magic that can put vampires under her control and she was able to command them to go out into the sun destroying them all. In the finale episode, the souls of the dead are gathering at Bon Temp. Sookie made some important associations. Watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 12, Sookie and Tara are confronted by Debbie. This is a must-see episode that we shouldn’t miss.

Scott Winant directed this episode and it was written by Raelle Tucker. After the broadcast of True Blood Season 4 Episode 12, the series will rest for the season break and will return in the summer of 2012.

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