lactose intolerant recipes

Here you can find some lactose intolerant recipes and red more about lactose-free diet. If you have lactose intolerance, this article will help you learn more about the foods that contain lactose. Most of us believe that only milk and dairy products contain lactose. However, other foods contain lactose, too. These are instant soups, creams, shakes, bread and some baked food items, margarine, instant salad dressings and sauces, sweets, cookies, biscuits, chocolates, pancakes etc. Even the products that are sold as ‘nondairy’ can contain some milk-derived ingredients that contain certain amounts of lactose. That is why it is very important to read the labels and pay attention to the ingredients listed on them. Some medications and other over-the counter remedies also contain lactose. Did you know that some contraceptive pills contain lactose? However, these amounts are very small and they only affect people who have extreme lactose intolerance.

Now that you know what foods to avoid, let us see what you can eat. You will not miss anything, actually. There are good substitutes for nearly every milk product, so there is no need to worry. Some people think that they have to avoid almost everything, but this is not true. Here are some good recipes for people with lactose intolerance.


–          You can make great pizza without any ingredients that contain lactose. You can make your own pizza base, using natural ingredients, and without milk. You do not need milk at all.

–          Use lactose free cheese and lactose-free cheese cream. You can find these in stores that sell low fat and healthy foods.

–          You can use various vegetables. Do not forget to add some olives

–          Use natural tomato juice

–          You can also add some tuna or salmon if you like

–          Ham is OK to use and it will add a great flavor to your pizza


–          You can eat any meat you prepare yourself. Meat itself cannot harm you, but the things that are used in preparing or processing meat can contain lactose. It is better to prepare your own meat.

–          You can cook it anyway you like, but do not add any instant sauce, dressing, etc.

–          You can use some great spices like oregano, curry, pepper, etc.

–          Any vegetable will be great with meat. Just make sure to use fresh and non-processed vegetables.

–          If you like sauces, it will be better to make them yourself. Do not buy instant sauces – they all contain lactose. Tomato sauce (made of natural, fresh tomatoes) will be great.


–          You can use any pasta – in condition it is water-based. Read the ingredients to make sure there is no milk or lactose.

–          Use tomato sauce made of fresh tomatoes.

–          Add any spice you like

–          You can use tuna, or chicken breast (cut the meat into small pieces)

–          You can add some lactose-free cheese

Cakes and Cookies

– Lactose-free cakes are not too difficult to make. If you use fresh fruits, you can’t go wrong. Make sure your cookies are water-based. Do not use any powder – use regular eggs (instead of powder).

As you can see, lactose-free diet is not restrictive at all. Just be creative and you will get used to this diet very easy.

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