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It is our firm belief that the growth of a country is driven primarily by the private sector and that one of the greatest things that you can do to support Somaliland is to support the country’s businesses and contribute to a strong economic base for liberty.

In addition, we believe that showing support for Somaliland and the democratic values it stands for is vitally important for furthering the cause of its recognition, and that a way of expressing this support is to display Somaliland’s national symbols, such as Somaliland’s flag.

Below is information regarding goods and services, the purchase of which will directly benefit Somaliland.

It is important to note that not all of the companies referred to below are owned by Somalilanders, although we are trying to advertise as many Somaliland businesses as possible. Nevertheless, if the money paid for a good or service does not directly benefit the country (by going to members of the diaspora or business people in Somaliland), then the good or service itself will (for example, flying a Somaliland flag is an important sign of support for the nation’s progress).


Information: Flags are important symbols of the countries and ideas they stand for. Flying Somaliland’s national flag advertises the nation’s struggle for recognition and shows solidarity with the people of Somaliland.

Note: Some flag makers sell Somaliland flags that use orange in the tri-color instead of red. This is incorrect. Green, white and red are the official colors of the tri-color on the Somaliland flag as specified in Somaliland’s constitution.

Suppliers of Somaliland’s national flag:

World of Maps:http://www.worldofmaps.com/showitem.cfm?lcd=somalia&pcd=somaliland_flag_36x60_polyester&isbn=SOMA%204296

Flags of the World:http://www.flagsoftheworldshop.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=6170

Suppliers of Somaliland national flag magnets, keyrings, window clings, and stickers:

Flag Shop:http://flagshop.senojflags.com/3-1063498-186-Sub-sr-1.html

Pro Sports Stickers:http://www.prosportstickers.com/products/Somaliland-Flag-Sticker.html

Suppliers of Somaliland national flag shirts and hats:

World Flag Shirts:http://www.cafepress.com/flagshirts/1392120


Information: Livestock have always been at the center of Somaliland commercial life, and Somalilanders take especial pride in their lamb.


Mr. Bile Livestock Trading Company:http://au.alibaba.com/product/104043932-lamb.html

Real Estate

Information: As Somaliland’s cities, particularly Hargeisa and Berbera, have become important regional trading centers, real estate has boomed.


Somaliland Properties: http://somalilandproperties.com/


Information: As Somaliland has garnered a reputation for peace and stability, it has seen the emergence of a budding tourism industry. Visitors can see some of the oldest cave paintings in the world at Laas Geel as well as enjoy Somaliland’s pristine beaches and mountains.

Potential travelersshould take caution, however: because Somaliland is not recognized as a sovereign state by the international community, there are no consulates in the country to turn to for help. In addition, traveling in Somaliland carries all the same hazards as traveling in any third world country. One should read up thoroughly on all the risks involved before planning a trip to Somaliland


VisitSomaliland.com: http://visitsomaliland.com/somaliland_places_togo.html


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