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The cost is 5 per bike or $20 per bike with a passenger.  Additional Poker Hands are available for purchase for $5.  Use the forms above to Pre-Register to help us get an idea of how many to plan for and we’ll give you a free gift!  You will still need to visit the registration table to check in, sign the release forms and pick up your registration goodies!  Each registration fee covers the following for both rider and passenger: poker hand, meal ticket, and door prize tickets.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Ride Route

From Texas Roadhouse

  1. Turn Right onto Route 114/Pepper’s Ferry Road. Go ~ .2 miles.
  2. Turn Right onto Route 460 E Bus.  Go ~ 3 miles.
  3. Turn Right onto W Main Street/Route 8/Riner Road. Go ~ 21 miles.
  4. Turn Left onto Route 221 N/E Main Street. Go ~ .2 miles.
  5. Turn Right into Circle K Exxon.  Total ~25 miles.

From Circle K Exxon

  1. Turn Left onto Route 221 S. Go ~ 26 miles.
  2. Turn Right onto Route 100 N.  Go a few 100 feet.
  3. Turn Left into Hillsville Deli Mart. Total ~ 26 miles.

From Hillsville Deli Mart

  1. Turn Left onto 100 N.  Go ~ 18 miles.
  2. Continue Straight on Route 11 N under the interstate. Go ~ 5 miles
  3. Turn Right onto Route 11 N/5th Street NE. Go ~ 4.5 miles.
  4. Turn Left into Cougar Express parking lot. Total ~27 miles.

From Cougar Express

  1. Turn Left onto Route 11 N. Go ~9 miles.
  2. Turn Left onto Route 114/Pepper’s Ferry Road.  Go ~ 9.5 miles.
  3. Turn Right into Texas Roadhouse. Total ~20 miles.

Total Trip Mileage: 98 Miles

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