Pop star dilemma

So, the big topic in our media today is, not entirely surprising, the Miley Cyrus performance at the 2013 VMA. Anyone who has seen the performance has weighed in with great dissatisfaction, and for very obvious reasons. Her flailing about on stage was immature, inappropriate, and abhorred, her singing, if we can even call it singing, was flat and out of tune with absolutely no range, and her costumes were confusing and unflattering. I felt embarrassment towards her, I felt shame for watching the performance, and I was certainly relieved that I was not in a room full of people watching that pitiful downfall, all with justifiable reasoning.

What disturbs me is that this is what this girl considered talent, and no one stopped her from getting onto that stage, knowing what was about to be revealed. I understand that in today’s music pop culture, there is a lot of involvement with stage performance: multiple costume changes, choreographed dancers, stage props, lighting, and anything else. Many times I have walked away from a concert thinking to myself, Wow, what they did on stage really enhanced my experience listening to their music! A good stage performance will ultimately prompt me into purchasing another concert ticket in the future. That, on the other hand, was not tasteful, not well choreographed, confusing, and embarrassing. Not believing what I was seeing was the only reason why I kept watching, as whatever it was Miley thought she was doing was falling into a sad downward spiral. By the end, I wasn’t sure whether or not I felt sad for Miley and what she had chosen to become, or if I was angry at her for subjecting our nation for six minutes to this. Whatever it is I’m truly feeling, all I know is that her performance and behaviors on that stage left me wanting to actively shun away from any of her future endeavors, no matter what they are.

Another thing I’m a bit baffled over is that many of her actions on stage would get a normal person arrested immediately and potentially put on the National Sex Offender list. Basically she was publicly masturbating on stage in the presence of basically the entire nation, whether she was physically touching herself or using the foam finger to go through the motions. Find me one person in a public setting who has gotten away with these behaviors! No, I didn’t think so! Her suggestive dancing and the way her tongue was hanging out was just plain creepy, and had someone in a public place were behaving that way, he or she would be asked to leave an establishment or have the police called on them. And now let’s address her obvious usage of drugs on stage. Athletes lose their jobs for using steroids, military personal go to prison if caught was substance in their system, and teachers lose their licenses if associated in any way with drugs. But for some reason, if a pop singer publicly performs obnoxiously while under the influence of one substance or another, it’s okay to turn a blind eye and make the excuse of, Well she’s just trying to get a rise out of people. Let’s look at the whole picture for just a second. In general, we don’t want our children around sex offenders, we don’t want our children around drug enthusiasts, and we don’t want our children idolizing drug users. And who are Miley Cyrus’ biggest fans: Children! Can we figure this one out?

Today’s media is making it virtually impossible to not be exposed to such depressing and disgusting performances such as this. If the performance is not being highlighted, photographed, or replayed, it’s being extensively talked about. And when performances like this pop-up in the media, the various debates follow: performers partake in these behaviors because sex sells, we have the choice to watch a performance or not, parents shouldn’t get upset over such performances because ultimately it’s their jobs to raise their children and shelter them from such profanity, as Americans we have to right to express ourselves freely, pop singers are trying to get a rise out of people and will do anything to shock them ergo we are giving into what they want… The debates go on, but I’m going to leave you, my friends, with just one question. How far do these pop stars have to go before we draw the boundaries, boundaries that are already set for normal people by the way, and proclaim that enough is enough?

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