When is the wait …too long?

So I was asked if I was always a cheerleader for customer service…..hmmmm….let me think about that.

Born and raised in a small town in North Central Texas, Graham to be exact …gateway to the Lake Country.  I was given a work ethic from my father and a strong since of Pride.

“The only thing we ever own is our name Sis (my nickname) ..we own nothing else”  My dad was a driller in the oil field at a time when the pumps stopped pumping. This was the early 80s.

Some of you may remember.


When the entire economy of Texas went dry and we wondered what would happen next. I was a little girl, but I remember…   hearing my mom praying in her closest.

My sisters were asleep and my brother was too. I wasn’t.

And hearing those sobs and calls to an unseen God scared the hell out of me. I was 6 years old.

Why does any of this matter? Why am I telling you any of this….because I learned about customer service through those hard times.

My mom worked until her fingers ached from ironing the “rich” peoples clothes at night, after a full day of scrubbing their houses.  My dad took a second , then a third, then a fourth job. Hauling trash out of yards. Pulling weeds, and yes…looking for aluminum cans.  I have stories of climbing into dumpsters and pulling out the cans…I laugh at that now….Goodness, when I was 9 years old….I thought I was rich!  I would find a can and think…this is worth at least a penny….so it would motivate me to find another.

Lord, I remember going to a job with my dad, and pulling Cane. Bo, my brother, he was made to pick up the piles and throw over the cliff. And Boy was it HOT. Summers are unforgiving in North Texas — but I kept thinking, “if this keeps my mom from ever crying like that —- lets do this!”

My siblings figured out what customer service is as well.        

  We all did.        I know we did. 

Tosha is a waitress. Crystal is a hairdresser. Bo, just like dad, works in the field.

There is nothing wrong with hard work. There is nothing wrong with sweat. There is no shame in being a server. Where did we as a culture forget that serving each other contained extreme value? There is no shame in cleaning rooms, mowing a field, cleaning a toilet. There is No shame in taking a tray of food to a weary traveler or local in your restaurant. There is no shame in taking reservations.

And Customer service….its a two way street!

I sat in a restaurant for over 58 minutes for a cheeseburger. I wondered to myself as I watched the server slowly take 2 cups off the tables around me at a time and walk back to the kitchen. No tray in her hand. No friendly conversation when she was cleaning ….I mean there were only 4 tables sat during this lunch…..

Do you want me to continue?

“YES Please!” “NO! Stop this madness ! “

My drink was never refilled. Nor was I asked to have it refilled. I watched others around me sit with their phones and play video games while the person across from them clicked on Facebook Notifications.

So………….. since customer service is a two way street, I figured , lets strike up a conversation…You would have thought I was about to yell FIRE in a Theatre!

My burger finally came at minute number 59 and the cheese was not even melted. EEWWW…….

So, my question is this….How long is too long to wait? And why didn’t I just leave?

Haven’t we all been there? Just remaining in that seat, because we are hoping any minute….it will get better.

That is why I spotlight Maverick Inn….because every member of the team owns that hotel and wants to be successful. I went by during a busy time…just to check on the environment of staff. Calm. Collected. Friendly and helpful.

Thanks for reading today and I really hope to hear from you…just affirms I’m not alone, and maybe…just maybe, I’m doing something good for the traveler and


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