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I am a man of 68 years at BHP and frequent urination during the night. I took one tablet of 4 mg of tamsulosin (Flomax), and 15 minutes I had a swollen face, itchy, blocked sinuses, and difficulty breathing. An allergic reaction obvious, and I knew to throw the poison and low flomax price. I could barely breathe, and my wife made me use a nasal spray to open my sinuses. I started to feel dizzy when getting up from his bed, and later in the week, I had what appeared to be pneumonia. All this in a dose of bad! I can not believe that there are positive signs and the positive feedback of this drug should be …. drug company cronies. Stay away from this stuff …. not worth the side effects, let alone everything that I experienced.

Flomax price. Flomax for 6 weeks before I had experienced urgency to urinate, dribbling, low flow rate. Flomax in a day of departure, it was like magic – I noticed the speed increase, no dribbling, no urgency to urinate, urinating less frequent. Also, I noticed that the muscles in my groin area seemed more relaxed. I did not notice if it is an unwanted side effect, dry mouth. I have to talk much to the work, and a couple of times I’ve had a dry mouth and difficulty speaking.

It worked very well at improving urinary flow, and entered into force in two weeks, but during the second month of use, I developed a severe reaction that looked very similar to seborrhoeic eczema. He started the rectum and groin, genitals, armpits, back of ears, and scalp. Order Flomax for four or five months and most but not all, of the reaction deleted. I’m back on Flomax for 1 month and at the end of a reaction began to return. He paused for a good hour. Too bad – he worked on the set problem.

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