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As a working model you need a Great Passport.When I first started modeling I was with the “Gilla Roos” agency in York New City. There was a seasoned agent there and her name was Alice . As a young woman in the talent and  beauty industry and especially in “The Big Apple”, having someone looking out for your success is welcome.2-6-2010 5;17;29 PM4for close to a month now.” Buoyed” by the encouragement that I get from Mark J and The Fab Davene as well as the M.K.M.M.A that this  is a refining process!! Just like my “model comp card.” I didn’t have the perfect “passport ” straight out of the gate. It was a refining process . Sometimes you will  find that you  need your passport to go just a few miles further when you didn’t even think that you would need it.Best to have it all refined and up to date.

Trust in Yourself,


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