Namedroppers anonymous

Even more numerous than Strangers with Candy, namedroppers roam the streets of New York like rats roam the subway. They come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of affluence, but all are some of the most pathetically desperate people I have ever met. If New York is crawling with them, I don’t even want to imagine what L.A. is like. The worst case I have ever encountered is one of this namedropper/pathological liar I met while waiting in line for the bathroom at a bar. Throughout our conversation, he claimed to be many things: Snooki’s brother, the friend of a professional surfer, and lastly the son of the guy who owns the New York Giants. After calling him out on all of these ridiculous claims, I decided to seriously call him out on the last one. A guy my friends and I were at the bar with conveniently happened to work for the NFL. So I said, “See that guy over there? He works for the NFL. Why don’t you introduce yourself? In fact, I’ll introduce you.” I called him over and told him who this clown claimed to be. The two began yelling at each other as the guy who worked for the NFL asked the namedropper repeatedly for his father’s name. Having been in the same box as the real Giants owner many times, he quickly called him out.

What a loser! Namedropping even when it is factual, goes against everything a true socialite stands for. It is in bad taste to namedrop the celebrities or high-powered people you associate with in hopes that their allure will rub off on you. A true friend of a celebrity respects their privacy and sees them not for their status, but for the people they really are. If you are truly on a first name basis with the rich and famous, it is bound to come out eventually without you ever having to say anything. You will be admired even more for seemingly thinking nothing of your elite affiliations. Remember, socialites are first and foremost trendsetters. Never depend on someone else’s name to make you socially relevant when your name has the potential of being so much greater.

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