21 Days to Feeling Hot-Healthy-Happy

What’s it mean to feel hot-healthy-happy?  It’s AMAZING!  It’s exactly how we are ‘supposed’ to feel and yet often never achieve.  You deserve to feel hot, healthy and happy!  You matter, what you think matters and how you feel matters.


I’m Wendy MacKay, also known as a ‘soul whisperer’.  From as far back as I remember I’ve had a gift that allows me to feel or see what others often can’t. My empathic soul awareness is my guide or ‘gift’ which I choose to support and inspire my clients to discover their passion for life.  Live your passion with purpose and you will feel hot-healthy-happy.

To live hot-healthy-happy is to have self confidence, full awareness of what resonates and feels amazing for you.  Each and every person has value.  Each one of us matters.  How we choose to participate and experience our life once we are old enough to make decisions, is knowing what, when, where and how to consciously attract it.  We are ALL much more capable than what we are currently believing!  We have barely scratched the surface in this Universe!

It is time to change

In 21 days, if you choose to be consistent with the processes I introduce to you and allow your mind to expand beyond anywhere it has ever gone before, I guarantee you will discover you have more potential than ever imagined.

  • Your health should be a priority. In optimal health you can live fully.
  • Your self esteem is how you perceive yourself in soul awareness. Ego is how you perceive yourself in comparison to others.
  • Your happiness is an emotional consequence of your choices.  When you become aware of how to shift your thoughts to align with precisely what resonates with what you want, you can have control of how you feel.

When you really want something do you usually get it, or do you give up before achieving it?  The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is often how many times they try.

In 21 days of consistent, persistent action you can create a habit.  Why not create habits that resonate with what you want, who you want to be and how you want to live?  Why not design your life, feel hot-healthy-happy rather than live by trial and error?

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