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High colonic procedure is very similar to enema in which lot of fluid is used which facilitates in cleansing of the colon. Only difference between high colonic and enema procedure is that the volume of water used in high colonic is much greater than that used in enema and also pure water is used in this procedure without mixing another ingredient.

The main purpose behind high colonic is to flush out all the toxins, bacteria and other unwanted elements from our colon.

It is highly recommended not to do high colonic unless you are properly trained and confident about doing it. You need the few things before starting with high colonic procedure such as towel, warm pure water, colonic machine, bed, water based lubricant and clean toilet.

Once you are ready with the above things you need to arrange the place where you want to give colonic. Spread the towel on the bed and remember to choose a place very close to bathroom. After that you need to fill up the colonic machine’s water container with the water which should be little above the body temperature. The rectal nozzle is to be lubricated and in order to allow the air go out of the tube you also need to open the clamp.

For easy and convenient insertion of the nozzle it’s better to lubricate the rectum and the patient need to lie down on his or her left hand side. Now the colon nozzle is to be inserted into the rectum approximately three to four inches. Once done allow the water to flow and wait till the water container is empty and turn off the machine and carefully remove the tube unless the patient shows any signs of discomfort. In case the patient is uncomfortable you need to immediately stop the water flow.

Now move to the toilet and be there till all your bowel movements are over. Once you are over with the whole procedure it is essential to clean all the equipments properly. Image from


The process of flushing the waste elements and toxins form the colon using water with special kind of machine is termed as high colonic. In simple terms high colonic helps us in getting rid of the toxin and waste elements which gets accumulated in our body over a period of time and can have harmful effects on our overall system.

For all those who have heard or aware about enema procedure high colonic may sound very similar to that. high colonic an alternative medical practice and is also referred as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy.

But even today there are controversies related to the benefits and dangers related to high colonic. According to the medical health care practitioners frequent high colonic can sometimes hamper the natural functioning of our colon. Not only that it is also said that some bacteria which are good for our body also gets eliminated which performing the high colonic because the colon is located with the protective mucus which contains good bacteria.

For performing high colonic one kind of flexible tube is put into the rectum and then the water is pumped into the colon with the use of this tube. Using very less pressure the fluid is put into the colon slowly. For safety reasons it is must that high colonic should be performed by trained and certified medical practitioner. It is highly advisable to consult your doctor before you plan to go for a high colonic therapy or treatment. Image from

There are in fact lots of ways to perform colon flush. Some people prefer going for herbal therapies where as some prefer colonic hydrotherapy or also known as colonic irrigation. Another very common colon flush method is enema. Colon flush can be done both at home as well as special clinic where the experts of therapist in this area facilitate you with this treatment.

Colon flush is basically a method in which liquid solutions are given by enema in order to eradicate the accumulated toxins in the rectum or colon which apparently gets out of our system via the bowel.

The key organs in our body help our system to get rid of the toxic load which gets accumulated in daily or regular basis. Colon is also one of the main organ which helps in eliminating the unwanted elements and thereby helping in the absorption of the good nutrients into our bloodstream.

There are so many external factors which can create imbalance in our system such as environmental pollution, stress, in sufficient nutrients etc which can lead to adverse effect on our body. Hence to ignore the colon is one of biggest mistake which we all knowingly or unknowingly do.

The main idea or purpose behind colon flush is to clean the colon in order to enable the bowel system to heal itself and to start performing its routine tasks efficiently. It is a proven fact that after colon cleansing our entire system starts working more efficiently. Image from

In general colon pain can be caused due to reasons such as constipation, colon infections, colon cancers, ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome or even heartburn. It is a fact that it is sometimes a bit difficult to diagnose the pain related to colon. The best thing which you can do is to note down all the symptoms experienced by you in order to help the doctor to get the main cause behind this problem.

There are many different causes behind colon pain. But is highly advisable to consult the doctor immediately in case you are suffering from colon pain. It should not be ignored as a minor thing at all since it can even lead to  serious health problems.

Normally it is found that the colon pain along with fever and weakness are caused due to infection in the colon. Doctors normally prescribe medicines and also recommend the patients to take plenty of fluid and enough rest.

Sometimes heart burn can also be the cause of mild colon pain. Some patients do suffer from stomach upset and diarrhoea in such case. In this type of condition doctors normally prescribe antacid for quick relief and also suggest the patients to consume food in small portions at regular intervals.

Colon pain can also be caused due to the constipation problem when the gap between your last bowel movement is much longer than the normal one. It is caused due to the hardening of the stool.

The irritable bowel syndrome also causes pain in the colon. It can be caused due to the regular stress, poor diet etc. Normally medication is provided for this problem.

In case you are experiencing colon pain for prolonged period it can also be a serious issue of colon cancer. Doctors normally suggest colonoscopy to get the exact picture. Hence, colon pain should not be ignored as the saying goes ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Image from

Colonic irrigation is the term used to define the procedure used in order to colon cleansing without the use of any kind of colon cleansing medicines. It is one of the best ways for the prevention as well as treatment for various kinds of health issues.

Basically colonic irrigation clinics are the modern version of the ancient treatment method. The colonic irrigation utilizes the modern technology and enables its customers with a safe and convenient treatment method.

In this kind of a treatment method the colon cleansing is done by spraying warm purified water into the colon without using any kind of colon cleansing products available in the market.

Due to the health awareness among the common people it is not difficult to find colonic irrigation clinics. But you must be aware about the health related benefits and the type of treatments given in such colonic irrigation clinics. You need to spend some quality time for research and customer feedback before choosing the good colonic irrigation clinic.

It is essential for you to get the information on the kind of environment provided for this treatment procedure. It is essential that this kind of treatment is done in a highly clean environment along with the safe equipments used for the same. You also need to find out about the qualification and experience of the profession conducting this treatment procedure for you.

Also make sure to find out the existence of this colonic irrigation clinic with information about its license and its reputation among the customers. Image from


With people becoming more and more health conscious these days colon detoxification has become very popular. Colon detox has become a very popular therapy recommended by natural health care practitioners around the globe.

As majority of us are aware about the fact that approximately half percentage of our immune system is located in the area near to the digestive system and mainly our large intestine. Hence it understood that colon plays an important role for the overall well being of our entire system. Colon detox is very essential in order to eradicate the unwanted toxins and also in order to get the required nutrients get absorbed efficiently by our system.

In the long run if the colon is not taken care properly it may slow down our entire digestion process which will lead to health problems such as constipation, excess weight, bloating, gas, headache, skin problems, fatigue, depression and lot more.

There are basically lots of ways for colon detoxification such as readymade colon cleanses products, colon detox diet program, fasting, drinking plenty of water and much more. Even though colon cleansing products are easily available in the market it is not a good idea to buy it without gathering proper information about it.

Herbal colon cleansing products are considered to be very effective as well as safe for health but even in that case you must spend some time reading the customer testimonials on that specific product. If you are serious about your health its better that you also find out the ingredients used in the product and if they have any kind of side effects. Products which comes with the money back guarantee is always better. Market reputation of the company which has manufactured this product is also very essential. . Image from


Inflamed colon is also commonly known as colitis. It is one of those diseases which is considered as silent killer since it slowly progresses without your notice as it does not show any serious symptoms or signs at its early stages. Inflamed colon can also lead to increased chance of cancer. Inflamed colon is one of those health related problem if not taken seriously with proper health care can even lead a person to the death bed.

Inflamed colon can sometimes be caused due to some kind allergic reaction due to some particular food intake. It can also be caused due to accumulation of fat around the colon area. . But this health problem comes in the category of genetic diseases which means that it runs in the family. Unlike olden days people today are more health conscious and take enough precaution and care hence keeping this problem in control is much easy.

The basic symptoms related to inflamed colon are abdominal pain accompanied by acute vomiting or blood in the stool, loss of appetite, diarrhea, cramps, fatigue and even fever.

Inflamed colon does require immediate medical attention and can be kept under control if handled with caution and in time. Doctors also recommend certain kind of diet plan which helps in avoiding colon inflammation. There is lot of medications available these days which can help you in handling this problem without the need for surgery. But in extreme or serious cases doctors do advice the removal of the colon. Image from

” Colon spasm is a kind of functional disorder which leads to decreasing the efficiency level of our bowel. Due to this kind of disorder mainly the bowel or the colon gets affected and it does not work the way it should functional naturally and correctly. Colon spasm is also commonly known as spastic colon or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The main symptoms colon spasm is that it can lead to chronic diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, dehydration, weight loss, cramping, bloating, gas etc. It may also cause some kind of discomfort due to the constant pain in the stomach. It is considered to one of the most common chronic health disorder which has affected approximately 20% of the overall population around the world.

Basically there is no specific cure for this functional disorder but there are few things which you can do in order to get relief from the symptoms related to it such as change in the diet, medicine and stress management. You definitely need to consult a doctor in order to get the right treatment plan best suited for you.

In general the doctors as the patients to eat fibre rich diet which helps in bringing back the bowel process to normal. Patients are also strictly advised not to consume alcohol or smoke and not to consume food rich in sugar.

There are lots of traditional treatments available for colon spasm which includes herbal treatment. Acupuncture is also considered to be helpful for this problem. Image from

A healthy colon is the key to good health hence colon cleansing on regular intervals is a must. Whatever we eat on daily basis at least some amount of it ends up in our bowel in the form of toxins. As these toxins slowly starts getting stored we end up suffering from various diseases such as constipation, gas, bloating, obesity and much more. Colon is one of the most key organs which directly or indirectly affect all the other organs in our system.

There are so many ways for colon cleansing but people these days prefer relaying on readymade colon cleansing products. There are so many colon cleansing products in the market that it really becomes confusing for the consumer to select one of them best among them. Few well known popular colon cleansing brands are colonix, oxypowder, dual action cleanse, almighty cleanser, blessed herbs, bowtrol, colpurin and lots more.

Undoubtedly there are lots of high quality colon cleansing products available but consumer awareness regarding these kinds of products is essential before using it. It is very important that the colon cleansing product should be made of natural ingredients. It possible it is better to compare the ingredients and its effectiveness according to the industry standard. You must find out the length the company’s been in this specific business, type of guarantee offered in case the customer is not satisfied with the product, time period for the money back guarantee etc.

Always make sure to do your research and read customer reviews before buying any colon cleansing products. Image from

” Basically a colon ulcer is a wound which appears inside the lining of our colon. Generally a patient suffering from colon ulcer suffers from bleeding and infection and due to this swelling the colon cells begin to get worse.

All those people who have already suffered from colon ulcer in the past and have the symptoms such as weight loss, lack of appetite, fatigue, abdominal pain, fever should consult the doctor immediately. Even though the above mentioned symptoms are related to colon ulcer but it can also be the case of ulcerative colitis.

Normally the patients suffering from colon ulcers can be treated with the help of the medicines but in case of severe or serious conditions doctors normally recommend surgery as the best solution. Colon ulcer are the first signs which gradually leads to much serious condition described as ulcerative colitis or colon cancer.

Prevention is always better than cure hence regular medical check is one of the best things and it is also suggested to go for colonoscopies on a yearly basis.

Enema and colon hydrotherapy treatment is also considered to be very good for promoting healthy colon and digestive system.

One of the best and simple ways to protect and keep you colon clean is by taking healthy fibre rich food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are considered to be high in fibre content. Even taking nuts, fresh fruit and vegetable juices are very good methods to cleanse the colon naturally. Image from

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